7 steps to make the bathroom floor heating

Floor heating may be relevant to any room, but in the bathroom it is almost necessary. The ceramic tile practically does not hold heat so without the “impact” heating it always remains cold. However, at the same time, it is very practical, especially in wet areas. Therefore it is not necessary to abandon the tiles, especially because there is a way to completely neutralize its “cold” – make the bathroom floor heating.

Step 1. Thermostat installation

It is desirable to start the floor heating apparatus in the bathroom with thermostat installation. First we need to make a small depression in the wall to mount the thermostat mounting box. This is done at a height of 50-100 cm above the floor. Then with the help grinder or chisel with a hammer you have to cut two vertical grooves from the depression to the floor. After the cable laying and the thermostat installation fit two tubes to the made grooves. One of which shall be supplied with power cables, and the other one – with sensor wires.

Step 2. Preparing the underlay

The floor should be smooth with any visible height differences. If order to align the floor the cement screed or self-leveling mixture can be used. Once the floor leveled, its surface shall be primed till the full dry cycle.

Step 3. Thermal insulation lay

Thermal insulation is a mandatory stage of bathroom floor heating making. It is necessary, if you do not want to expend the floor heating energy for warming the underlying premises: neighbor’s apartment or basement. Therefore, the underlay can be placed with any thermally insulating material (minimum thickness of 20 mm). This can be polystyrene, penofol, penoplex, foam, foil foam, cork, etc.

Step 4. Heating cable lay

Heating cable lay starts from the place, where power wires connect to the thermostat. Steel mounting tape fixed at 0.5 m to the thermal insulation. The heating cable is laid on top usually in a zigzag manner and then fixed to the floor by mounting tape petals.

Step 5. Temperature sensor installation

Floor temperature sensor shall be placed in a plastic corrugated tube and positioned between turns of the heating cable. The tube must be pulled from the thermostat to the floor and then over the floor surface further on 0.3-0.5 m. The sensor outputs need to be inlet and fix to the thermostat. The walls grooves can be sealed with plaster or ground coat.

Step 6. Blinding

The blinding process can be started after the system verification with a thickness of 3-10 cm. It is best to use for this special mixtures, which are sold specifically for the floor heating. The heating can be turned on only 30 days after the blinding.

Step 7. Finishing performance

Tiles or ceramic granite are often used as a finishing coat of the bathroom floor heating. Warm floor encased with tiles is the most common variant in modern apartments.

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- June 2, 2016

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