Acrylic Shower Walls in Cabins

What are the pros of acrylic walls in shower stalls? Many people prefer shower cabins and wonder what the best material for a shower kit model is. As a choice, you can choose a shower stall with acrylic walls.

In recent years, they get a lot of popularity, due to the pace of modern life. Manufacturers of shower stalls saturated the market with various offers and features for shower kits. And if you are determined to buy a shower stall, we recommend exploring more information on this subject.

Varieties of acrylic shower stalls

Closed shower stalls with acrylic walls are completely closed around the perimeter and have a roof – it allows steam to condense and create a sauna effect.

Open showers with acrylic walls are basically walls there is a shower door or partition. The cab doors are made of high-strength glass (can be transparent, matt and rough one) are used in some models of sliding doors.

Buying a shower stall should be noted that it should be no smaller than 0,8×0,8 m. or finding it will resemble a rack in a bottle.

Trays for acrylic shower cabins

For the manufacture of pallets used for showers, iron and steel, ceramics, cultured marble, and acrylic. Each of these materials has its own feature.

For example, cast iron enameled pallets are strong, but long warm up, steel create noise at high water pressure, and ceramic trays can be broken if dropped heavy objects on them. Marble – durable and comfortable, have a wonderful view and create an effect of luxury.

Acrylic trays in shower stalls also look very nice, but the surface is unstable scratch damage. In principle, the scratches on the acrylic can be easily remedied at home, for this you do not need special skills.

Pros of modern shower cabin made with acrylic walls:

1) Space saving bathroom.  A shower stall is ideal for small bathrooms, as it takes 2.5 times less space than a bath.

2) Safety. A huge plus in a shower stall there is no possibility of personal injury while taking a shower. Showers are mainly produced from safe to use and non-slippery material (plastic), so slipping in the shower stall with acrylic walls is pretty difficult.

3) Cost-effective shower stalls since they consume 2-3 times less water than taking a bath.

4) The presence of additional functions in acrylic shower stalls. In the shower can be radio, telephone, sound therapy. Some models have a feature Turkish bath – special roof, holding pairs. This helps to maintain a cabin well-being and mood.

5) Healthcare. You can make inhalation or receive treatments such as aromatherapy. Of course – this is possible only in expensive and multifunction shower. Some showers help to restore your strength after a hard day with the help of chromotherapy or light therapy. Many multifunctional shower cubicles are built with the massage function.

6) A great number of installations and equipment used in acrylic shower cabins.

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