Add Corner Showers to a Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom and you need to install a corner shower cubicle.  There are compact showers for which sufficient space is the size of 80×80 cm. The best is that corner shower cubicles save space in a small bathroom. Any shower takes place almost two times less than the usual standard bathtub.

It would be good to opt for such corner shower ideas, which is a cubicle with enclosure – like a small cabin with a roof. Such models are often equipped with hydromassage system, as well as they can be used for getting a steam bath, which is very convenient for everyone who likes spa salons in home conditions.

Why choose a corner shower cubicle for a small bathroom:

  • Saving of money on your water bills;
  • Space saving;
  • Great functionality including spa and hydromassage options;
  • The high speed and ease of use, so even children can use this shower cubicle safely and quickly;
  • Contemporary shower cubicles will give a modern look to the bathroom.

How to implement corner shower ideas in your small bathroom?

Will it be the best option to make the partition or in a corner to organize a shower cubicle, which has a closed glass door being sold in a bunk.

Share the partition’s colored mosaics, install the door to your corner shower and here’s a great cubicle for washing.

Below you will another great corner shower ideas in a small bathroom that you can install single-handedly. It’s simple and convenient to do even if you have never installed shower cubicles before.

The shower enclosure cubicle is a perfect solution for small bathrooms. In our country, unfortunately, there is a quite large number of small bathrooms and under such conditions to find a space for a new washing machine turns out to be a real problem. Installing a shower cubicle will free up more space, because it takes an average of two times less space than your usual bath. Today it is also very fashionable to install shower cubicles in small bathrooms. There is a wide range of shower cubicle choice to satisfy even the most capricious customer.

Multifunctional and simple models of corner shower cubicles:

  • Simple – usually there is a model for the direct shower-taking options. These are budget corner shower ideas do not include any special extras, but the prices are available for the majority of consumers;
  • Multifunctional corner shower cubicles contain additional recreational or entertainment features. Except direct shower taking there are available such options as a built-in Turkish bath, steam room, radio, phone, MP3 player, etc.

You can collect a corner shower cubicle in a small bathroom on your own project, so to speak, piece by piece, as much as possible and get an idea to fit your wishes and requirements.

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