Additional functions of showers

Modern cabin is not only practical solution for the bathroom, which greatly helps to save space, but also multi-purpose plumbing, which holds a lot of extra functions that are sure to please you.


There are few types:

  • Vertical hydromassage is made of water pressure coming out of the nozzles placed on a rack which attached to the wall of the cabin. Massage affects the neck, back, shoulders and other parts of the body that makes you feel good and relieves stress.
  • Horizontal type is made of water pressure coming out of the nozzles located on the sides and bottom of the shower and coming through a layer of water. This function is integrated only in expensive models with a hot tub.
  • Zone type is produced by water pressure of certain areas of the body. The nozzles are grouped into independent from each other which are included in the zone according to the set mode (in which part of the body must act).

Modes of operation

There are a number of special modes:

  • Turkish bath (temperature – 45 ° C and humidity of almost 100%). Distribution of steam inside the cabin is carried out by a steam generator. Turkish bath cleanses the skin and warms the body.
  • Finnish sauna (80 ° C). This temperature is almost never used because the plastic that makes up the wall of the shower heats up quickly, and contact with it can cause severe burns of the body.
  • Tropical shower creates a sense of summer rain with a special roof attachment. It’s very good to relax before bedtime.
  • In this mode the cabin is filled with the smell, which occurs in the air after a thunderstorm. Zonation is used for neutralization of harmful microorganisms on human skin or in the shower (mold fungus). It’s eliminates unpleasant odors, purifies water by organic pollution and prolongs the life of the shower. It recommended for people with allergies, asthma and reduced immunity.
  • Aromatherapy is available in the showers, where there are modes of “sauna” and “tropical rain”. Aromatic substances contained in a special tank, mixed with water and steam then fill the cabin a pleasant and rewarding flavor. It’s recommended to relieve fatigue, relax the muscles and maintain joint.
  • Cold and hot shower is a function that allows you to use the water of contrasting temperatures (hot and cold). It’s recommended for hardening and toning the body.
  • Electronic control. Shower can be controlled by buttons and switches (change the water temperature, etc.). Greatly facilitates the use of the shower.
  • Voice Control is available only in the models of the high-price segment. Voice mode can be set to change the temperature, etc.

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- June 7, 2016

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