Advantages of fir infrared saunas

Fir infrared saunas are fundamentally different from the usual ones. There is no  any intermediary between the human body and the heater because the air in room is not heated. Infrared rays act directly on the person giving it 90% of the thermal energy.

How it works

The portable infrared saunas are represented in a small cabin, lined with wood and specific infrared heaters. There are several types of it:

  • rear type;
  • corner (front) type;
  • foot (installed under the bench) type.

Sauna heaters are made of special ceramics. Their location provides uniform heating for sauna visitor. The temperature of the air in the sauna is low, the combustion of oxygen in the process does not occur.

These saunas were recently acquired in many fitness clubs and beauty salons. But the pleasure of such a procedure can be received at home by installing portable fir sauna.


  • Infrared rays gently heat the body extending vessels, thereby improving blood circulation;
  • During the procedure the lactic acid derives from the muscles, and therefore, this process reduces pain after procedure;
  • Taking process in an infrared sauna is much easier than usual, because the visitor breathes with normally air which contains necessary levels of oxygen;
  • Even people suffering from vascular dystonia can use the fir infrared sauna;

Some advises

  • Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to pre-heat radiators for 10-15 minutes.
  • At the same time, note that the temperature in the cabin does not carry information about the readiness to use the sauna. It can be estimated only on the surface temperature of the heating radiators. Upon reaching the desired temperature of the heater it will be automatically switched off.
  • For half an hour before the procedure you should drink 0.5 liters of water, preferably mineral. Drinking plenty of fluids is necessary even after the procedure.
  • Do not take a sauna before drugs: when the body will be exposed to heat, they can change their properties. It is also forbidden to take alcohol and drugs.
  • The optimal duration of the session is 30 minutes. The exception is warming up the body before training: in this case it is enough to stay in the sauna before the first drops of perspiration.
  • Do not take the procedure during the acute illness. In any case, you should first consult with your physician.
  • People with different kinds of implants can visit sauna only after consultation with your doctor.

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- July 8, 2016

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