Aromatherapy in the shower

Modern technologies are always combined with the knowledge of the past. This is very clearly reflected in the creation of the shower with the effect of aromatherapy (aromatic treatment facilities). Even in ancient times aromatherapy was widely used.

People rarely decide to buy a shower, basing their choice on the presence or absence of capsules with aromatic balsam in its design. And in vain!

Happy owners of cabin shower with aromatherapy, in fact, acquired and therapist. It not only gives aromatherapy good mood for the whole family, but also heals the body. Most spa-salons and medical centers are already using this ancient practice. And now you can get it all without really leaving home.

How it works?

Aromatherapy option is usually built in the shower cabin with the “Turkish bath” or “rain shower” option. Many people don’t understand how aromatherapy shower works. There are no special difficulties. On the back wall of the shower with “Turkish bath” and / or “rain shower” has container, which is filled of essential oil or aromatic balm for inhalation. You can use a constant favorite smell or different oils according to mood. Therefore it is useful to learn about the properties of some flavors:

  • For example, the smell of mint invigorates refreshes and restores the physical strength.
  • Sweet and warm aroma of fennel effectively eliminates nervousness and irrational fear.
  • Lavender effectively combats insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Resinous thuja helps set on a positive way and helps the healing process.
  • A cooling pungent smell of eucalyptus gives strength and sexual energy.
  • The scent of geranium enhances sensuality.
  • Bitter and fresh lemon facilitates acclimatization of the organism.
  • Jasmine is able to regenerate skin cells.
  • With ylang-ylang you shouldn’t be afraid of depression and a sense of self-confidence.
  • With juniper removed skin inflammation and itching passes.

Aromatherapy as a therapeutic method is widely used not only in modern medicine, but also in cosmetics. That’s why buying a shower with this option means taking care of health and beauty of your own skin. Useful flavors in combination with water procedures give a stunning effect of rejuvenation of the epidermis.

Jets of life-giving water, getting on the human body, provide tissue massage. And if you regularly apply a douche and use it in tandem with essential oils, it is possible to forget about problem such a cellulite and prevent sagging skin on problem areas.

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- June 10, 2016

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