Benefits of a dry sauna and its useful properties for health

If you are talking about benefits of a dry sauna you should understand that dry steam becomes the main attribute. In this case the temperature ranges generally from 80 to 100 Celsius degrees. It is not customary to use brooms as for example in the Russian type sauna. Also it is prohibited to use brooms in most saunas, which offer the dry steam advantage and it is not difficult to guess why.

The benefits of dry heat sauna include natural protection of your body by usual fat which covers the entire body and serves as a protective coating. The broom influence can lead to the fat layer disappear that will make your body defenseless. Therefore, it is generally recommended to move less in the dry sauna.

But if you’re lucky enough to own your own dry heat sauna, in this case, you can break the rule that prohibits using the broom. However, you will need to follow some advices because otherwise you just cannot get pleasure from visiting and can experience unnecessary distress.

Since the humidity in the dry heat saunas is very small, after taking with you a broom, you do not have time even to blink as it will begin to dry up and crumble. In order to avoid this, it is only necessary to take with a basin of water for broom storage every 15 minutes. Thus it is possible to avoid drying out and safely use it for other purposes. Just do not overdo it!

Japanese scientists have found that the effect after dry heat sauna is similar to the effect of the visit to the gym. Staying in dry sauna leads to the conclusion of the muscles, which takes them into a state of tone, as if you were doing jogging or using other power load on the body. Typically, dry sauna humidity should not exceed 10%.

Other huge benefits of dry sauna and perhaps the most important are that such therapy can have a significant impact on human health and even cure it from certain diseases. First of all the dry steam in the sauna promotes the fluid evaporation to the mucous membranes of various organs such as the lungs, bronchi and nasopharynx. In order to put it simply, let’s just say if you come to the sauna in a state of mild colds while you are tormented by a runny nose and cough, the dry sauna will contribute to your speedy recovery. The dry sauna actions like inhalation.

Treatment of diseases by the dry steam should be carried out after consultation with the attending physician because such procedures have a direct impact on the cardiovascular system of the person.

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- June 23, 2016

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