Benefits of a Sauna or Steam Room

Saunas and steam rooms since ancient times were famous for its healing effects. Since then, as our ancestors used to live in bath procedures have been for hundreds of years, and in the XXI century for some bath is a traditional procedure, without which they cannot imagine their lives, but for others – it is an absolute taboo.

In visiting the baths exist as a number of advantages and individual contraindications, also need to know that. First, let’s talk about the healing benefits of sauna and steam room.

Cleansing effects from using a sauna

And it concerns not only mental vigor as that influenced the balance of temperature and humidity from the body by sweating removes harmful substances. Recommended relative humidity at its temperature of 90 °C should be 10% at 110 °C – only 5%. To vigorously sweat at an air temperature of 70 ° C, the humidity of 30-35% is required. High temperatures and humidity levels contribute to the fact that one-third of the total weight of the blood in the body is concentrated in the receptacle in the skin. And sweat glands are activated for 20-30 minutes in the Russian bath at a man stands about a liter of sweat, and with then leave the body and a variety of harmful substances, which could previously be contained inside the body and in the skin it, that is a barrier between the internal and the external environment.

Sauna and steam room benefits: treat hangover

This property is directly connected to the saunas prior. However, you must be wary of such a method to improve their health. One of steam sauna benefits is that it works as the panacea for a hangover during (but it is not recommended to consume alcoholic beverages in the bath), doctors are advised to go to the bath for colds, if you have a runny nose or a cough (but not in viral diseases). In the bath, you can go when you want to lose a few extra kilos (but not those with extreme obesity). Sauna improves metabolic processes in the body.

Rejuvenation as one of sauna steam benefits

Unusual conditions faced by the organism got into the sauna, contribute to the general tone of the previously tired muscles. It is interesting to note that if 5-10 minute stays at the sauna temperature of human skin is increased by 2-4 °C, the temperature of the muscles increases to a maximum of 1,5 °C, but it’s enough to feel the burst of energy throughout the body . The effect can be strengthened by steaming massage or diving into the pool with cold water.

When visiting a steam room or sauna, you will experience not only a burst of energy but also the spirit will rise. If you go to the bath, knowing that you have no contraindications, you probably will leave her with a broad smile on his face – a good company and a pleasant feeling is reinforced by the cheerful pastime and a kind of rest on various concerns.

Home benefits of a sauna or steam room

Steam rooms today are not as popular as hot tubs and boxes. The steam cabin is a great alternative to the Turkish bath. Unlike conventional showers feeding water, steam box offers the opportunity to enjoy the warmth and softness of steam, replacing the spa treatments and enhance the effects of various cosmetics.

The main sauna steam benefit is the ability to replace the bath. Besides bathing in the steam box is permitted, even those who suffer from heart disease, as well as children and women, bear pregnancy.

In the course of the sauna session, there is an increase in body temperature, activation of the immune system and hardening of the body. Due to the copious sweat the human body gets rid of toxins. Steam provides the positive effect on the heart, blood circulation. According to experts, the regular holding of such procedures will help to get rid of various chronic diseases. What is important is the fact that the steam box helps to improve skin tone and relieve fatigue. This is one of the most important benefits of a steam sauna.

When choosing a shower steam room, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of its operation. The steam box is good to use aromatherapy. This will require herbal tinctures, essential oils and funds that have a strong flavor and a positive effect on the human body.

Steam cabins can be installed in the apartment, and as many boxes are made specifically for use in the home, they have a fairly compact size.

Choosing a steam bath, you need to be based on the determination of its size and features. Then you will be able to enjoy all benefits of a steam sauna at your home.

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