Benefits of Modern Glass Shower Stalls

The popularity of glass showers is increasing year by year. Practicality, reliability, ergonomics and attractive exterior of glass showers are gaining more and more popularity, especially among owners of small apartment or houses with tiny bathrooms.

When planning to create a real bath of the bathroom area, where you can relax and enjoy, we have to often face the problem of placing all the necessary furniture and equipment, because bathrooms in standard apartments have small dimensions where you can’t place a huge bath with jacuzzi. In this case, your only choice is using one of shower stall enclosures within frameless cubicles.

Of course, if the layout of the apartment allows, you can expand the bathroom, and then the problems will be much less, but, unfortunately, this opportunity has not all.

Therefore, the most urgent issues of the interior bathroom turn out to be easy of use and compact sizes of glass shower stalls.

The problem with success will help you solve with glass showers insert kits, which provide not only more comfortable process of washing, but also relaxation of body muscles, improving their condition and pleasant massages, being thus the epitome of functionality and pragmatism.

Pros of contemporary glass shower stall enclosures and cubicles:

Glass shower stall is a fenced equipped place for showering. Shower stalls made of glass can be a variety of devices have a completely custom look and dramatically differ from one another. The glass shower kit design can be quite varied – with transparent, frosted or colored glass, with a variety of furniture, with shelves for washing products and even a towel warmer.

There are various models of glass shower enclosures, equipped full-length mirrors, as well as having a “dry” area in which to hang clothes and put on a shelf cleaning supplies.

The modern market offers a huge number of standard shower cubicles made of acrylic glass, but the prefabricated glass showers have a lot of advantages over the manufactured shower stalls:

  • First of all, glass-enclosed shower stall kits look much less cumbersome, due to minimal use of non-transparent elements. Such shower stalls are not visually covers space and easier to fit into any decor;
  • In addition, if any element of the design shower (glass sheet, pipe or bracket) will become worthless, you do not have to change the whole shower – will be enough to replace the need for an element of it;
  • Glass shower enclosures are not only safer and more aesthetic plastic counterparts, but also practical: glass enclosures are easy to clean, simply remove them from the traces of detergents and cosmetics, and they do not grow turbid with time.

Shower enclosures are made from a special safe and shockproof tempered glass thickness of 8-10 mm, which provides the shower resistance, reliability and safety. The glass used in shower stalls can be both transparent and colored one.

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- May 24, 2016

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