Best tips on how to choose and buy a sauna

As you know, there are several types of sauna from around the world. That’s why we would like represent you some information about how to buy a sauna of different types including information on its advantages.

Russian type

Bath in Russia is an art as it involves a lot of traditions that were perfected over the centuries and respected in our time. Russian bath opens the pores, kills bacteria, removes skin closures, increases metabolism, improves skin condition, increases vitality, relieves stress, strengthens the immune system, improves sleep and removes salts and toxins from the body.

If you want to buy a sauna you should now that one of the main features of Russian bath is steam. The microclimate in the Russian bath is wet with the Humidity over 60-80%. The temperature in the Russian bath varies in the range of 50-70 degrees. Before entering the sauna, you need to stock up the broom. Now you can easily purchase brooms even in supermarkets. Each broom has certain strength and helps with certain diseases.

Finnish type

In order to buy sauna of Finnish type you have to know that nowadays many connoisseurs trying such saunas at home. When visiting the sauna the skin will be cleansed from dirt, toxins and lactic acid. The Finnish sauna has the ability to restore the good functioning of the muscles, relieves stress and calms the nervous system. The sauna is very helpful in the treatment of sciatica and degenerative disc disease, colds, increases the body’s resistance to various infections and also allows you to get rid of excess weight.

For best results, the air in the steam room can be well moisturized by healing herbs infusions: mint, rosemary, pine needles, eucalyptus and others. The Finnish sauna is different from other types of dry steam bath. The temperature in the steam room varies in the range of 90-110 with humidity over 10-20%. We would like to advise you to shops where to buy a sauna of Finnish type – Harvia (Finland) and Tylo (Sweden).

When visiting the sauna it is necessary to remember that the water in the shower or swimming pool must be cool and going right after sitting in the cold or warm temperature into the cold room is not recommended. The most appropriate drink for the Finnish sauna is the herbal tea or infusion of herbs. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited! Taking foods while taking bath treatments are undesirable.

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- July 7, 2016

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