Build Infrared Sauna With the Maximum Effect

Modern infrared sauna for one person in its shape is similar to a normal sauna – all 100x100x195 cm2. You can; of course, to build your own infrared sauna and a lot of people can do this with the maximum effect.

In addition, all modern infrared saunas ready initially equipped with a control system, through which you can customize the sound system, run the air ionizer after the installation.

How to build an infrared sauna?

The infrared waves travel through the air but heated only to the human body, and deep. With this work well, “bask bones”, improves blood circulation, accelerating the flow of liquid. As a consequence, the metabolism is getting better all the tissues of the body supplied with oxygen. In an infrared sauna, a person sweats the same manner as in the conventional, and it then is output from it fat and toxins. And all of this is 2-3 times higher than in a conventional steam bath! Infrared booth is recognized as an effective and useful, it is used to prepare athletes for competition and rehabilitation afterward.

Before you build infrared sauna, you will be interested exploring the main advantages over traditional infrared Finnish, and that the first so fond of lately in Russia:

In an infrared sauna is much lower energy consumption – it is not necessary to warm the air in the room, and the heaters themselves quite economical.

In this sauna you cannot be burned – all dangerous areas are located in the wall of the booth.

Contraindications of an infrared sauna are much less than that of Finland, but because those who previously had to deny me the pleasure warm up, you can now enjoy the warmth of your heart’s content. After the warm wave method is recognized as much more gentle to the cardiovascular system as rolls over the humidity and scorching air.

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- July 20, 2016

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