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An enclosure shower stall is not only an element that complements the interior of the bathroom, but also an opportunity to save space, which is especially important for small bathrooms, where in a small area you want to place all the essentials. How to choose a shower and some of its features is to pay attention, making a purchase?

What is the use of enclosure shower stalls?

First, you need to understand their preferences. If you love to take a bath for a long time, it is unlikely the prospect of replacing it with a shower cabin will please you. Although the fact that the latter allows you to spend up to five times less water may make you wonder.

Shower stall with enclosure construction is a great solution for the elderly, the disabled and people who are hard to use a conventional bath. There is a wide range of special tools (chairs, handles, non-slip mats) to increase security.

Design options and a variety of features that have modern shower stalls allow choosing an appropriate model for any room. If you are wondering how to choose a shower for a private home, a perfect solution can be a model with built-in Turkish bath or sauna. At the same time for a city, apartment is quite simple and compact enclosed shower stalls and kits.

With the advent of the enclosure, shower stall transforms the interior of the bathroom. A vacant space will be a great place for the original decor or more practical pieces of furniture. For example, in the corner is convenient to arrange multifunctional shelves for the bathroom, which can be used to store coats and towels.

Types of shower stalls

Among the variety of models can be divided into three main types:

  1. A simple shower stall. They are the most affordable and compact option. This shower is a wall with only two by sliding doors and the tray. It is located in the corner by the wall of the bathroom forms a closed space where it is possible to perform hygiene procedures. Typically, such a top shower cabin remains open, but more expensive models may have a “roof”.
  2. Multifunctional shower kits. They usually come with many advanced features. Charcot shower massage mode or, on the contrary, relaxing mode that simulates a tropical rain. A sophisticated electronic system is made through which the management of the whole complex and also such kits make possible to select among different lighting options. The musical accompaniment is also not uncommon for multi-functional shower stalls.
  3. Combined enclosure shower stalls. This option may be the best solution because it will help to save space and will allow enjoy a comfortable multi-functional hydro-massage shower cubicles. Combined shower can be of different shapes. Angular, round or rectangular models will create a unique bathroom design.

The most common variant of booths for the small bathroom is the usual shower stall. Compact and affordable shower stalls save the valuable space. If you can buy a more expensive model is to opt for a combined enclosure shower kit. It also does not take up much space.

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