Buying a New Quality Shower Stall’s Tray

Every year more and more often in apartments and houses there can be found not habitual acrylic or cast-iron shower stall bases that replaced regular baths and shower panels. They offer a special limited space in the bathroom, which is designed to take water treatments. Usually, a shower stall base has a shower sides – the doors and walls, and even the roof. A quality shower stall is great for small baths, as well as for those who prefer a shower to taking a bath.

Major advantages of shower stall bases

A variety of types of shower stalls in the construction market will be able to meet the demands of even the most demanding customers.

Many people prefer to take a shower stall than to lie in the bath. The shower can quickly cheer and give strength in the morning, as well as relieve fatigue and refresh after work.

The undeniable advantage of a great base for shower stall offers compactness and convenience. She calmly placed even on the territory of 80×80 cm. Standard bath takes 2 times more space than any shower. When installing a shower stall it is possible to increase roominess and ergonomics of a bathroom, with no need to make alterations. In models with a roof, you can use the following services:

  • infrared sauna;
  • aromatherapy;
  • chromotherapy;
  • sound therapy, as well sounds of water in a shower cabin.

If the apartment water meters are installed, then the installation of the shower is possible to significantly save on paying for hot and cold water, because the water showering out 5 times smaller than the adoption of the bathroom.

Installation of a shower stall with enclosures instead of a bath can help you significantly reduce water consumption.

Preferred installation of shower cabin enclosures with trays and bases:

  • people with disabilities can use shower stall with convenient trays;
  • the elderly people, since they do not need to climb over the high board bath that is problematic in old age;
  • people who prefer taking a shower;
  • for people who choose unusual design solutions in their bathrooms. You can arrange a bathroom in a contemporary style with shower stalls.

In most cases, choosing an open shower stall, people stopped on a variant, called “shower corner” stall.  To install it, you need only two doors or a door and the wall which are adjacent to bathroom’s walls, lined with ceramic tiles. This type of shower stall is convenient to install in the bathroom with a small area, as it turns out a significant space savings. At the moment, it is one of the most popular varieties of a shower stall base, since many apartments where a bathroom is quite small.

Shower trays come in different shapes and depth. The choice of the pallet depends on the size of the bathroom and personal preferences.

There are several kinds of shower enclosures:

  • The materials can be used for the manufacture of aluminum, polystyrene, glass (quartz or tempered);
  • It uses bent or straight toughened glass. When you install, you must have smooth and bred on the level of the floor and walls;
  • There may be different types: swing (front cabin should be free space); recoiling (leader of functionality); folding; swivel-sliding enclosures of shower stalls.

In recent years, this type is becoming more common because it requires no particular effort on installation. It can be purchased all at once, without engaging in the selection of items. The shower tray has four walls and a roof; it is equipped with pan, mixer, shower head and other necessary attributes. It has excellent sound insulation and sophisticated electrical system. Set a booth can be anywhere in the bathroom.

A distinctive feature of all shower stalls has as a supplement shower tray – their shape. This stall base has a special recess which corresponds in a shape of a tray. Thus, this set is very compact. The undeniable advantage is the presence of three additional positions.

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