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Portable saunas for sale are not a luxury but a vital necessity. Even historians believe that the love of the bath broom and a good heat, we are literally in the blood, even in the poorest villages near rickety ramshackle huts still regularly every five years built a new guy. But what if you build today is so expensive, and not all of the paired public appeal? And if relaxing in the steam room – is not just a useful procedure, but also a valuable communication with friends, barbecue and the opportunity to get some fresh air? Then we will learn clever tricks of modern Russian artists who manage to build its twin just a vacation.

How to benefit from indoor saunas for sale?

Agree no savings are worth of the loss of health, property or life. But the most unfortunate situations occur when the question of cheapness fit lightly: such saunas for sale at first slowly poisoned their masters the release of hazardous substances, and then either burn or perishable.

But that does not mean it is better to give up everything to give blood on the conscience of the construction crew – it is better simply from the outset refuse dangerous use in the construction of:

  • Non-certified materials and forgery are unscrupulous sellers are asked at times less. And at the same time convince the buyer that the difference with the expensive materials.
  • Materials are absolutely not intended for construction and finishing baths. So, if you cannot insulate the walls of the foam in the sauna sale kit – so it is impossible and it is not a whim of the manufacturer. Again, a neighbor is at your own risk and thus insulated and now boasts is not an example.
  • Unsuitable accessories for electricity in the bath (wires, outlets), unprotected lights or cheap Chinese products.
  • Homemade stoves and water heaters, which no one checked on fire safety.
  • Combustible materials and those who did not indicate that they can be used in conditions of high humidity and heat.

If you are building a bath with your own hands and have the most to save on materials, well calculates each step, consult with experts and do not leave without attention “like work.” And finally, save at best a limited budget per cubic meter of steam, but not on its material finish. Such is the advice.

And you want cheap saunas for sale and the price is pricked familiar? But as they say, hunting the forest captivity, and our people to fudge is ready, here and come up with bright minds of various projects, how to make a bathhouse quality and cheaper.

Mobile cheap saunas for sale

Manufacturers also have their fingers on the pulse of the customer wishes and offer to purchase a mobile sale sauna kit. The kit consists of a tent – steam, stove and bags. You can buy a “light” version – without the stove. The split bath can be together, but instead it will from 3 to 7 people. It depends on the model and your financial capabilities. The temperature in a bath can reach 90 °C. The bath is convenient to carry, it does not take up much space and allows you to schedule site without the location of mobile baths. During downtime, the bath is also desirable to thoroughly dried and stored in assembled form.

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