Cheap Sauna: Where to Find?

If the funds do not allow, there are several ways on how to build a sauna in a cheap way. You can do it for one-time use, but you can rebuild one that will serve for many years. Often, the price of a sauna becomes crucial in the construction of a bath, so it is important to consider the budget come to the side of the issue.

If you are the lucky owner of a cottage – the summer sauna will be for you a real finding with a very limited sauna!

During the construction of the floor in cheap sauna kits is necessary to take care of a small tilting it to one side so that water does not stagnate and merged the side. And after washing, it is necessary to widely open the ventilation door. No one wants to stand on the damp floor or on slippery algae. Smell also is appropriate if the time does not ventilate and dry sauna. For convenience, you can take care of the inside hooks for clothes and towels, shelves for soap supplies.

If you do not intend to build temporary and permanent bath, follow the tips below. The construction cannot begin without the consent of local authorities. It is possible that we will have to change the plan of building a cheap sauna.

The most convenient place for future home saunas will be the riverbank. If you are not near a river or on the banks of the construction is not possible, on the site we recommend to place a small bowl for bathing 1.5-2 meters deep.

During the construction of saunas it is also important to provide a space in which to store the wood and everything necessary for the maintenance baths. These two areas must be from each other at a distance of at least 10 meters.

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- July 29, 2016

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