Choosing a Suitable Free Standing Shower Stall

For everyday use, we prefer to use the quick shower for washing instead of a long soaking in a bath. Therefore, not everyone can afford getting a good shower due to a small bathroom’s size. However, manufacturers of standing shower stalls are not sitting still but continue to develop new models that fit greatly even in small rooms.

If you can arrange a regular shower attached to the wall in your bathroom with old-fashioned curtains, there is a “single structured model”. Often in modern apartments a shower completely replaces a small bathroom, simultaneously helping to win extra square meters of space.

To start go through the main types of “showers”.  Showers can be equipped with a special water tray at the bottom, some of the walls to the sides, with a spate stall or made as a free suitable shower cubicle. In most cases, complete lacks a mixer so watering, they are sold separately. But there are showers in the following collection, which already include, for example, there are a funnel-type “rain shower” attachments, or a usual mixer and a watering can.

Popular models of suitable free shower stalls

To get a complete shower stall solution, you need to decide what you actually need to have in your shower. Suffice it to bring home the shower, install, connect it – and in the evening you can take a shower.

Also, there could be a more complex version – spa cabin built into a shower stall cubicle which provides hydraulic massage function, or aromatherapy, etc.

Supplying water under high pressure through special nozzles is one of the most popular features in a standing shower stall. The nozzles are usually aimed at a user to supply water to certain areas of the body (shoulders, back, lower back, etc). Overall hydromassage helps to relax, provides the positive effect on the human joints and helps to break down fatty deposits.

The major role is played in suitable shower stalls by a shower panel, where all the necessary switches (mixer, massage), shower heads, nozzles for massage and others are included.

Most suitable free standing shower stalls have panels and trays, along with sliding doors. From these “cubicles” you can collect exactly the shower with the functions you individually need. For example, if there is a U-shaped recess in your bathroom – perhaps, if you are on a budget you only need a shower cubicle stall with a door, tray and shower panel. If you want to install a shower into the wall at the level – you just need two walls, the sliding stall door, and the tray panel. Some people can even collect a 5-6 coal-based separate shower cubicle, which will stand in the center of your bathroom – in this case it is required a large amount of the wall, but, again, you cannot do without the door panel and the pallet.

Just remember that the main factor here is the price of free standing suitable shower stalls. The cost is made up of several elements – a shower would be more expensive than a comparable amount of finished shower stall “out of the box”.

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- May 21, 2016

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