Choosing Good Shower Pan Kits

A shower pan kit allows you to design perfectly tailored to individual needs, and in most cases even cheaper than buying shower stalls. An important part of space equipped for reception of the soul is the pallet. Shower pan kit determines the size and shape of the entire area, and the material from which it is made has a significant impact on comfort while taking a shower in a shower stall.

As in most cases, the choice of the form of shower pan kits recommended only for small bathrooms where every inch counts. Corner trays in shower pan kits may be semicircular or pentagonal. If there is enough, then your attention is invited to the set of trays in all shapes and sizes. Square shower trays standard range from 70×70 to 130×130 mm. In-depth pan kits are separated by the deep rim height (100 mm), medium (50-100 mm) and small (45 mm). The overall height of the cab, do not forget that under the tray set has a siphon that will increase its height by 100 – 200 mm.

As already mentioned, the material for shower tray proves the significant impact on comfort while taking a shower. Some surfaces are heated faster than others slower. Furthermore, an important indicator of the quality of the product is its durability. Consider the most common materials used in the production of shower pan kits.

The most popular shower trays for regular use:

  1. Cast iron pans make a special enamel coating. Such tray is not subject to deformation, and in the case of a domestic manufacturer, and not more expensive. Trays made of steel can be attributed to the cheaper options, such pallets are very noisy, slowly heated and have no lasting finish. At the same time, there are more expensive models of steel trays for shower pan kits, where these problems are actually solved more durable coating and rubber pads that absorb noise.
  2. Quite popular are ceramic trays. They have an attractive appearance, it is very hygienic, but the treatment of sanitary ware should be sufficiently careful as there is a risk of chipping.
  3. Acrylic as a material for shower trays is the most practical option. Acrylic trays are durable, beautiful and pleasant to the touch. Even if on the surface formed minor injuries, they are easy to correct yourself with the help of a special mixture which is applied to the damaged area and polished. There are models of pallets mounted on a special frame made of metal, and there are more advanced models with an additionally reinforced layer, which should not be strengthened.
  4. Marble trays for shower pan kits are made of natural or artificial material. It should be noted that the artificial marble, contrary to popular belief, much better than natural, since his appearance as memorable, but the surface is more resistant to dirt and is much easier to clean.

Acrylic shower trays are made of new raw materials for the production of shower equipment. A material created by combining acrylic quartz has a very good strength and durability. Such trays in shower pan kits cast in square and rectangular shapes, with clear steep ledges, which is very convenient for installation.

For safe showering, choose a shower tray kit with a corrugated surface as smooth bottom can cause slipping. In addition, there is a tray with a special anti-slip coating. It is very important that the pan profile, body shower, and bathroom walls were adjusted as closely as possible to each other. With sealant carefully seal the gap between all the components of a shower kit panel. Do not forget that the better the work will be done by installing a shower tray, the longer it will last you.

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