Compare Infrared Sauna with Finnish Sauna

Compare infrared sauna and Finnish sauna from the point of a user who wants to get a home sauna kit. What are the differences?

Infrared saunas operate at 50-70oC. The temperature of the Finnish Sauna is about 80-100°C that is less comfortable and useful to the body the level of temperature is 80-100oC.

Infrared saunas heat the tissue several times more active than the Finnish sauna. Resonant absorption of infrared heat helps to eliminate toxins through kidneys, liver and hair.

Infrared saunas are safer – they do not have piping hot surfaces. Infrared saunas are easily assembled, disassembled and transported.

When comparing finish sauna and infrared sauna the lower the air temperature in an infrared sauna does not dry the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Electricity consumption in the infrared sauna is 3-4 times less than conventional saunas.

The heat in an infrared sauna is transmitted beam method. More than 80% of the energy in the infrared sauna is warming up on the body, and only 20% is spent on heating the air.

Infrared sauna comparison is definitely more advantageous. Warming up the body in an infrared sauna is carried to a greater depth, whereas in conventional saunas warms the surface of the skin.

Sweating in an infrared sauna is carried out 3-4 times more active than conventional saunas, producing a more useful healing effect on the body, including detoxification and burning calories.

Infrared saunas can enjoy a lot of people who are contraindicated high-temperature conventional saunas. Staying in an infrared sauna is more comfortable and convenient to breathe.

The warmth of an infrared sauna takes only 10-15 minutes, while the Finnish sauna is necessary to heat at least 40-60 minutes.

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- July 30, 2016

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