Dynamic infrared sauna

Infrared sauna

   Infrared radiation is absolutely safe and natural for people. The primary source of infrared radiation is the sun. Infrared radiation is the electromagnetic spectrum that human eye can not see. Infrared spectrum is in a wavelength range from 0, 75 to thousands of microns. The penetration of the infrared rays in the dynamic infrared sauna into the human body for up to 4 centimetres in depth is possible thanks to the design of the radiator. Infrared radiation facilitates the heating of organs, tissues, bones and joints, as well as to accelerate the movement of blood and other body fluids. After a session in the infrared sauna you can feel improves of the general condition, increasing the body’s metabolic process, resulting in a total increase in the immune system, increases the level of oxygen in the body that promotes better working muscles.

Sauna in home, benefits

If infrared sauna is installed in your home, you will receive disproportionately benefit from any other appliance health. The natural response to warming by dynamic sauna is sweating. Due to intensive thermal stress, which does not affect the overall atmosphere in the cockpit, sweating occurs under mild conditions, and the temperature in the cabin is less than 60 degrees, the humidity at a normal level, without a great burden on the heart and lungs. Active removal of toxins from the body is possible thanks to a strong opening day.

The main concept

Infrared sauna benefits and harms infrared sweat, which is released when exposed to infrared light, contains in its composition of 80 percent water, the remaining twenty percent are composed and toxins, fat, alcohol, nicotine, etc. This figure is much higher in comparison to the percentage in the sweat secretions in the conventional bath. The amount of sweat that is released in the infrared cabin is several times greater than the amount of sweat in a conventional sauna. The infrared sauna is good: the benefits that it provides completely natural and dynamic saunas are not dangerous for health.

Sauna and health benefits

The process of sweating, which is natural in the sauna at a comfortable temperature, provides skin care and the process of rejuvenation. The body charged with the necessary energy, and overall health improves. Increased body temperature when exposed to infrared rays contributes to the fact that the body secretes substances to fight different bacteria and viruses, which also helps to cleanse the body.

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- July 4, 2016

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