Effects of a sauna

Sauna and health

Sauna has a positive effect on the body’s thermoregulation. In general, body temperature constant. If the ambient temperature increases, heat is an active process, the skin releases excess heat through perspiration. Since then excreted out accumulated toxins. Studied, that sauna gives positive effects to the nervous system. After the sauna the reaction rate increases, improving coordination and balancing. Good humour and easy-being is also effects of a sauna or steam room. Interior fragrance is also important. To improve mood, add aromatic oils and herbs. It is possible to humidify the air in the sauna by infusion of peppermint, pine needles, eucalyptus, combined with hot air broths action will be even more powerful and useful.


The heat in the sauna improves activity of the heart. But it does not wear out, but tempers it. If you have high blood pressure one-time use of the sauna should not exceed 10 minutes, otherwise you may have negative effects of sauna such as mild nausea and dizziness. During and after the sauna improves circulation, brain vessels become more elastic and strong by filling with blood.


Drink alcohol and food during and after a visit to the sauna or steam room is not recommended. Try to drink plenty of fluids. To let cardiovascular system work better, take a cool shower or take a dip in a cool pool.

Sauna and body

The sauna is reducing muscle tone. It reduces pain in muscles, so they are become more elastic. An effect of sauna is particularly useful for those, who are actively involved in sports, aerobics, and swimming. Oxygen consumption is reduced, as during the stay in the sauna, breathing becomes more frequent, coming out of the sauna, you start to breathe, and breathing is difficult. Carbon dioxide emissions increased. But the most important is the positive impact of the sauna on the skin. Blood circulation in the skin is increased due to increase in temperature. On the skin surface temperature may reach 41-42 degrees. Vessels dilate, the epidermis becomes softer, and the skin becomes more sensitive, increased immune-biological properties of the skin. Improved color and condition of the skin, it becomes smooth and soft to the touch.

  • Through use of the sauna is reduced body weight. After a single visit to the sauna the body weight is reduced by an average of 2%
  • Sauna is especially effective in combination with massage and spa treatments!
  • All the people are divided into two categories: those who love massage and those who have it never tried. After any type of massage done in our sauna, you will visit a feeling of freedom and peace. Try massaging that make our master and you want to do it again!
  • After a visit to the sauna to normal pressure, improves overall health, there is a natural regulation of metabolism. Massage after a sauna helps people with diseases of the nervous system, suffering from osteochondrosis, diseases of the spine.

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- July 18, 2016

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