Electric sauna as a substitute for natural baths in apartments

Many of us faced with a situation where there was no possibility to build a sauna as a detached building in the suburban area. Hopefully, we were saved with the proposition of built-in electric sauna – a wooden cubicle, fitted electric heater. Such electric sauna room does not need a separate place with sewerage and other communications.


The basic building material for the walls of the room and the interior has to be wood. This can be a larch, cedar or pine, and it should be taken into account that the shelves are not recommended to be made from trees that gum at very high temperatures.

Use small window for the natural ventilation outside, if any. Ventilation openings should be made from two sides: one – from the bottom, another – on top. Their diameter can be made controlled in order to stay the hot air in the room. Equip electric sauna for home with the door made of wood, and leave a space for natural airflow between it and the floor.

Tip: never put locks or other similar devices to the outside door side. It is necessary for the safe stay in the steam room and quick evacuation if the need arises.

Heating elements

The electric sauna temperature control process, unlike wood analogs is significantly simplified. The electric sauna heater often presented as infrared or conventional heating element. They are easy to use and simple in the device. Such electric sauna stove can be easily dismantled and transferred to another location.

Power of the heating elements shall be selected depending on the size of the sauna, as well as from its alleged simultaneous filling. The manufacturer’s heaters instructions usually indicate how to calculate the area of ​​its normal work.

The benefits of electric saunas

  • The electric sauna heaters for sale have very attractive appearance and interior.
  • Usually heaters are made of quality materials that prevent the fire spread. During the heating element selection you should pay attention to the materials it is made of and do to pursue for the cheaper alternatives. The electric sauna heaters shall be equipped with special protective systems, which immediately can disable the device in case of contact with fire-dangerous thing.
  • Electric mini saunas can maintain the desired humidity without any problems. It is controlled by the amount of water that must be added, if necessary, on the rocks. Built-in or a separate steam generator allows you to turn the Finnish sauna in Russian type.
  • Such devices are easy to operate and maintain, that allows them to become a leader in comparison with conventional ovens. There is no need to worry about firewood or coal and other fuels.

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- June 18, 2016

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