Exploring Benefits of an Infrared Sauna

Sometimes it seems that all modern inventions are always fraught with some hidden threat. Mobile phones, microwave ovens, air ionizers and water, infrared sauna … What benefit or harm would come to our home with these novelties? Let’s see what is infrared sauna: is there more harm or benefit for the person who buys it?

The underlying principle of action is the emission of infrared cabins with special heaters (radiators), heat (infrared) waves. Infrared radiation is absolutely safe and natural for humans. The primary source of infrared radiation is the sun. Infrared radiation is the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye cannot see. The infrared spectrum is in a wavelength range from 0, 75 to thousands of microns.

What is an infrared sauna: the principle of operation

The operating principle of infrared saunas is based on infrared radiation or thermal radiation via special heaters based on carboxylic sole carbon. The use of carbon as a material emitting it possible to increase the intensity of radiation at the same time is 2-2.5 times of the lower energy consumption.

The action of infrared cabins can be compared with the sense of heat rays from the soft spring – not in the vicinity of the heated object, and at the same time feeling gentle, mild heat. It should be noted that the carbon fiber heaters is used in cameras for premature babies in modern medical centers.

Infrared sauna: what is and how it helps?

Infrared radiation does not contain X-ray, ultraviolet, or even any harmful to human body radiation. You should not be afraid of the word “light” to which we experience fear after the events of 1986. Thermal radiation is safe for humans. Man, it’s easy to feel the skin, and, therefore, can easily control it.

The main feature and main advantage of infrared saunas are the maximum approximate wavelength of thermal radiation to the wavelength of the thermal radiation of the human body. Therefore, infrared wave heaters can easily penetrate the tissue to a depth of up to 4 centimeters. Such a “human” heat causes an effective and intense sweating, natural activation of the body’s vital processes.

Infrared sauna benefits

Among benefits of infrared saunas is a low cost of operation. Firstly, the power consumption of a cab is to 1,8kVt 3,8kVt depending on the model. Usually, duration of one session of 30 minutes, while heating the cabin to the operating temperature is 10-15 minutes. Secondly, out of 100% of the energy, 80% goes to the heating body and only 20% for the heater and air.

In the traditional baths and saunas, the operating principle is totally different. Wood and whether the first electric stove heats the stones. These stones are then heated the air. The hot air thus warms the human body, and in general all around. But this method is filled with a lot of disadvantages.

Air is a poor conductor of heat – no wonder it is used as a heat seal in the glass. In order to effectively heated air the human body, it has to be either very warm (up 100-110S), as is done in a Finnish sauna or in the Russian pair to add pairs.

The body is not always easy to move can impact great the hot air. Moreover, such air and steam can be dangerous. There is the probability of obtaining thermal burns or burns of the respiratory tract. Due to the heavy load on the cardiovascular system can be elementary to faint. Besides the hot air heats only the skin, which is in direct contact, that is uppermost.

Health benefits of infrared sauna

The penetration of the infrared rays in the infrared cabin into the human body for up to 4 centimeters in depth is possible thanks to the design of the radiator, which is unique. This patented carbon heater with improved infrared radiation.

Infrared radiation facilitates the heating of body organs, tissues, bones and joints, as well as to accelerate the movement of blood and other body fluids. After a session in the infrared sauna improves the general condition, increasing the body’s metabolic process, resulting in a total increase in the immune system, increases the level of oxygen in the body that promotes better working muscles. If your home is installed infrared sauna benefits that you will receive will disproportionately benefit from any other appliance health.

The natural response to warming is sweating. Due to intensive thermal stress, which does not affect the overall atmosphere in the cockpit, sweating occurs under mild conditions, and the temperature in the cabin is less than 60 degrees, the humidity at a normal level, without a great burden on the heart and lungs. Active removal of toxins from the body is possible thanks to a strong opening day.

The body is charged with the necessary energy, and overall health improves. Increased body temperature, when exposed to infrared rays, contributes to the fact that the body secretes substances to fight different bacteria and viruses, which also helps to cleanse the body. That is one of the major benefits of an infrared sauna.

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