Exploring Different Types of Saunas

Although the Finnish sauna is the most popular type of the sauna, however, there are many of them. Other cultures have also realized the relaxing effect of heat and cure and bathing. Let’s look at the more specific but no less attractive different types of saunas.

  1. Eastern sauna

Rasul (or “Rasul bath”) is a beautiful Eastern name meaning the Arab improvement of Roman bathing culture, treatment with steam, which focuses on the skin. All sorts of little things here create a real feast for the senses.

The therapeutic effects based on a combination of elements such as a wonderful room, various aromatic oils, designed for different parts of the body peeling with massage and, of course, peace of mind, not least to create a relaxing music.

  1. Hamam (Turkish sauna)

Hamam already existed in the times of the Ottoman Empire. Under this name hides the Arab-Turkish bathing culture. Hamam as a place for healthy relaxation and friendly meetings can be found here in good hotels and, of course, in countries from which it originated.

It is said that before the travelers in the “hammam” as one of sauna types where you are washed away from the body of the dirt and dust of the desert. What it used to be an excessive burden in the desert now turned into a stress during exhausting work day rhythm.

The sequential procedure “a la hammam” lasts three hours. First, there is a fifteen-minute steam treatment at about 50 ° C, before the body with the help of so-called “peeling foam” is released from unproductive skin cells. On the octagonal, heated marble stone while you enjoy a massage and exfoliation. The procedure then continues in the restroom. Ritual “Hamam” is held in many places, a healthy holiday is not quite according to tradition because women and men bathe by the Turkish-Arab custom separately.

  1. Kuti (Indish saunas)

Anyone who enters the “Kuga”, enters the constructed of clay and beeswax sauna, the floor is added herbs – this is peculiar sauna type. This steam bath originates in the Indian Ayurvedic teachings on health, which for thousands of years. As in many other traditions, the aim here is the harmony of the soul, spirit and body. Temperatures in the “Kuti” compared to the more different popular sauna type, between 40 and 50 °C. Typically, during the procedure you can lie on the couch.

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