Features of The Selection of Shower Stalls and Kits

A modern shower stall is a means of saving the active living spaces and water flow in small apartments, and in the second bathroom. If you buy a shower, you can save space for a washing machine in the shared bathroom and not to pay hundreds of liters of hot water is poured after the bath drain. Showers are divided into indoor and outdoor. Open cockpit cheap and convenient.

The variety of shapes, designs and built additions amazing and lets you choose the shower fully compliant with the certain target audience, ranging from economy class and ending with the elite sanitary equipment class suite. Usually, a regular shower kit is based on the size of the bathroom pick up shower, which beat the advantageous functional space, not in the cellar.

Shower kits can take the form of a quarter circle, rectangle or be asymmetrical. Inside a shower stall are usually built-in dispensers for liquid soap, shower gel or shampoo, towel, various shelves, mirrors and so on. Depending on the model series and thus the cost can be used by the 4-millimeter glass with tinted or transparent effect, as well as plastic 2.8 mm in width.

Features of shower stalls and kits

Shower stalls are considered to be multi-functional equipment, equipment that can be reduced to four main branches of having committed different technical characteristics, namely:

  1. Various modes of the shower with hot properties. The water in the showers can be supplied in the mode of tropical rain, needle thread, jet and circular head. It is also a possible douche, whereby hot water varies systematically cold and vice versa. There is also an availability of hydro and aero-massage functions inherent in even the simplest boxing, relaxing and at the same time tones the muscles of the body. Different models may be equipped with devices for back massage, neck and shoulder joints, feet, as well as the total comprehensive full body massage;
  2. Supplements for relaxing SPA-procedures. Relaxation during the activation of these functions is guaranteed to everyone. First, you can use aromatherapy by adding a special unit of essential oils and decoctions for medicinal herbs, a magical scent that spreads throughout the shower. Second, the possibility of chromotherapy, or as it is called “color treatment”, allow you to set your favorite colors built-in lighting, which will set the mood in a shower stall by staining of running water. There is even a function of “Moonlight”, which brings a special soothing and romantic touch;
  3. More options of standard Turkish hammams and Finnish saunas. These steam generators are characterized by the most expensive models of shower enclosures. When enabled, the temperature in the shower warms up to 50 degrees with humidity perfect condition. Thus, the soft atmosphere created in the steam room promotes relaxation and healing the body. Warming up to the desired temperature is just a few minutes. Increased security measures are achieved by means of special sensors instantly shut down the system in the case of force majeure. High-quality materials used in the manufacture of shower kits and stalls do not emit any harmful substances during operation mode “Turkish bath”;
  4. Communication systems, management and entertainment. Showers can be equipped with a telephone, including a hands-free function, radio, a CD player and touch control panel that allows you to use all the features of the shower with one simple click.

The main advantages of shower stalls and kits:

  • irrefutable advantages showers are as follows:
  • the variety of equipment in the form of mineral supplements;
  • distribution shower kits for the different target audience of buyers;
  • a wide selection of sizes for even the smallest spaces;
  • the possibility of combining shower stalls and cast iron or acrylic tubs in shower kits;
  • interesting unique design;
  • acceptable price.

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- June 17, 2016

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