Finnish Home Saunas

The Finnish sauna is neither an incomparable pleasure. History of a home sauna is basically the history of mankind! It is known that Egyptian priests during the day soared four times: twice during the day and twice at night. Finnish home saunas were about two thousand years ago.

How to make Finnish home saunas?

The walls and ceiling in any Finnish sauna are always made of wood, logs, board or a wood stove. And in the old Finnish sauna floors are often served as bare ground, sometimes, perhaps covered by bundles of twigs, which stepped into a steamy Finnish home sauna.

Today, the Finnish sauna is not a luxury – they are a way of life. In a country with a population of five million people, there are 1.7 million saunas with an area of more than sufficient for all family members – parents and children to enjoy the sauna at the same time.

Adoption of the Finnish sauna house is not only cheaper than people usually assume, but also more comfortable and convenient because it is not necessary after the sauna to go home.

Whenever you enjoy your Finnish sauna – in the company of good friends, with your family or yourself, you are always free to do it the way you like it.

Construction of home saunas in Finland

There is a rich experience in design, installation and construction of saunas turnkey cottages, city apartments, offices and holiday homes. You can order the project to build a sauna any configuration on a standard or an individual project.

Qualified professionals, with great experience in the design and construction of saunas, help you design your sauna, carry out all the necessary measurements and calculations, and meet deadlines.

Framing standards of Finnish home saunas

When building a Finnish home sauna, the standard kit includes:

  • Elegant and very practical: the furnace enclosure, lampshades on lamps;
  • Electric heater (capacity depends on the volume of the room);
  • Lamps with heat-resistant glass and wires designed for wet environment and a temperature of at least 200 degrees;
  • High-quality door of heat-resistant special glass;
  • The double ventilation, air circulation ensures high quality and adequate supply of oxygen;
  • To use environmentally friendly insulation basalt wool – non-combustible, with a melting point of about 1000 degrees;
  • The heat reflector and steam isolating device are with the used foil. The joints are sealed with foil-foil tape.

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