Finnish sauna: how it all began

Finnish sauna according to biblical tradition appeared in those days, when the Lord gave the people different languages ​​so that they could not engage in the construction of the Tower of Babel and invent other things, greedily wanting to reach the divine level. As a result, people have become to speak in different languages, not understanding each other and then came together in small groups – tribes and settled over the entire surface of our planet. According to legends and historical data, some nomadic tribes from Central Asia settled in present-day Europe territory, and even reached its most northerly lands. Thus was formed the modern Scandinavian countries.

Medieval cultural decline, as a result of which all the countries of Europe sank into ignorance, adultery and unsanitary living conditions, fortunately not affected the traditions and customs of the Scandinavians. They still used their steam baths to maintain cleanliness, including spiritual. While in Europe the saunas were used for immoral entertainment, leading to the development of prostitution and the spread of sexually transmitted and other diseases, the Nordic countries maintained their tradition of bath purity and morality. This is confirmed by the description of a European traveler Klaus Magnus, who, after visiting the Scandinavian lands, dating back to 1500 AD, said the Europeans about the domestic and public Scandinavian saunas. According to his descriptions the Scandinavian sauna has perfectly friendly environment, characterized by high hygienic conditions with the use only for the purposes for which it was designed.

It should be noted that in those days Finland sauna means so much for Scandinavian people. In the cold winter days the sauna was considered the only way to have a good warm up after a long stay in the streets and wash with hot water. Bath smoke, which was typical for the time of saunas, contained in its composition such chemical as tannin, which was characterized by excellent disinfecting and sterilizing properties. For this reason, the traditional Finnish sauna was used for birth taking, surgical operations and other sterilizing activities. According to the Scandinavian history sauna was equated to the church with the same level of behavior.

Only in the twentieth century, the Finnish saunas were truly widespread in all European countries. Now it is used for medicinal purposes, disease prevention, recovery and relaxation for athletes after training and competitions. Saunas appear in the places of rest and treatment, beauty salons, tourist complexes, etc.

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- June 24, 2016

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