Full spectrum infrared sauna


Full spectrum infrared sauna

The unusual appearance makes people cautious and wary of innovation. Some believe in its healing effect, while others believe that infrared sauna – both benefits and harms. Let’s try to understand the properties of this type of sauna and determine what is in them more is merit or demerit.

The infrared sauna is warming up the human body due to heat waves, emitted by infrared heaters. This radiation is perceived by us as pleasant, soft warmth that heats the first no air, and objects. The thermal waves of full spectrum infrared sauna penetrate the body to a depth of 4 cm, which is several times more intense than in normal Finnish heating bath (5 mm). More intense effects of heat rays and provokes a stronger sweating. Accordingly, the amount of harmful toxins that a person loses through sweat in an infrared sauna is also much more than in other types of baths. For comparison, in conventional sweating bath at body loses 95% of water and only 5% of the harmful substances (fat, toxins), in the amount of infrared emissions toxins is increased to 20%.

Will the impact been favourable?

Despite intensive warming and sweating, to bind full spectrum sauna with exclusively curative effect is impossible. Will infrared sauna benefit or not, will depend on the following factors:

  • the length of infrared waves;
  • the duration of the session;
  •  individual person’s ability to tolerate heat radiation.

Infrared waves and health

Infrared wave length any body or object, heated to a certain temperature, is a source of infrared radiation. And the human body is also not an exception is it continuously emits invisible infrared rays with a wavelength of 6 – 20 microns. Scientists have shown that infrared waves are perceived by the man as “their own”, if their length will match the radiation of the human body. Heaters in the infrared sauna “tuned” to ensure that emit rays with a wavelength of 7 – 14 mm.

Accordingly, this radiation is in the “native” human range theoretically act can not harm. Of course, if you use it without fanaticism and clearly to respect the duration of the visit and the infrared cabin. Length any medical procedure, including infrared sauna may cause harm to humans if used to excess. Infrared sauna effect on the human body more rapidly than other types of baths. Therefore, medics don’t recommend to visit full spectrum saunas for longer than 20 – 30 minutes.

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- July 26, 2016

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