How Do Infrared Saunas Work?

If you are wondering about how do saunas work – the warming up the effect of infrared radiation on the human body. Infrared radiation is also called heat, this kind of rays that have nothing to do with X-ray or ultraviolet and absolutely safe for humans.

It must be remembered that infrared saunas do work is a high-tech solution to the problem which is put to warm up the human body, and its impact is incomparable with the traditional baths and saunas. Today, infrared cabins are a familiar device for systematic home use, requiring a minimum amount of time on the adoption of the session.

To warm up, the human body in an infrared sauna apply the method of direct heat, which is radically different from the method that is used in the traditional baths and saunas. The usual infrared saunas can warm up stones, which then transfer the heat to the air, and only after that the air warms up the human body. The air has low heat capacity, which is why, in order to effectively heat the body must be strong enough to warm the air and it requires much more energy – that is the question “how do saunas work”.

To create the desired effect in an infrared sauna, please apply heat emitters operating in the infrared spectrum, invisible to humans. Location emitters in the infrared sauna are designed to most effectively heat the human body. Heating efficiency is expressed in these figures: 90% of the generated energy into the body and only about 10% goes to heating the air in ceramic heaters, which is the explanation for the low-temperature behavior of air in the infrared sauna.

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- August 1, 2016

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