How to choose doors for your shower

The construction of the shower has several key elements. This is pan, walls and doors. In this article we will talk specifically about the shower door and try to figure out what kind they are and how to find the perfect one for your bathroom.

Doors are made of plastic (polystyrene, acrylic, Plexiglas’s) or tempered safety glass.

Plastic doors

This is the cheapest but short-living type of doors. For those who decide to choose this option will be very useful this advice: you need to take sash opaque – matte, colored or patterned doors because  plastic (polystyrene) over time tends to “thicken”, stains and smudges will be appear on its surface. Many brands apply a special water-repellent coating.

Glass doors

Glass doors are made of special safety glass, tempered the firing strength is not inferior to a car windshield. Water and dirt on the glass doors slides, and leaves no trace. Therefore, they are easy to clean and don’t become turbid with time.

By the mechanism of closing doors are divided into:

  • Swing doors which operate on the principle of common door. These doors can be single and double.
  • Sliding doors can be recoiling and folding. Recoiling doors moving on rollers, which are hidden inside the frame. They can move in one direction or in both simultaneously. Folding doors also ride on roller skates, but folded in “accordion”. However, there are actually two variants of the sliding system. These can be not only rollers but also the hooks. And hooks are not the best option; they are less convenient and less reliable. Sliding shutters are held thanks to the rubber tape. Choosing doors be sure to check that the sliding door opens and closes easily and quietly.
  • Tilt-sliding. They are like the doors of the bus. Such doors are sold only with a shower.


Swing doors provide a wide opening for entry into the cabin, but in the open position requires additional space. If the area of ​​the bathroom is small, it is better to stay on the swing doors that open into the cockpit.

Sliding doors though more expensive than swing, but they are more ergonomic, allow to more efficient use the space of the bathroom and shower more efficient. The opening and closing sliding doors ensure the rollers sliding on rails placed along the frame. In the closed position the door is held by means of a rubber tape. This doors will be the best choice for a small bathroom when you need to find some space.

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