How to made homemade sauna at home

Homemade sauna can be a real outlet after a hard day’s work. It can also be an alternative to an ordinary holiday with a barbecue and refreshments. But first of all it is the best option to fresh up and relaxing properly.

Selection the facilities type for sauna

Depending on the region, the cost of materials, as well as personal requirements, you need to select the base material of homemade sauna. It can be brick or wood, as the most popular building materials.

It is necessary to calculate the approximate size and weight of construction, and try not to miscalculate with the location and soil, as well as choose the right material for landscaping, because the appearance of each villa construction means a lot.

Choosing the best place for sauna

Through communication with the people who built for their life more than one homemade sauna we have learned many interesting facts, which we can share with you. So, initially, we’ll talk about where the best place for construction is and how to make a sauna at home:

  • It is not necessary to build a bathhouse near the pond close to the water because the building may be damaged by floods;
  • An excellent option is considered to be an extension to the residential construction or any other building which leads to the material savings and energy efficiency;
  • It will be correctly to build sauna in the backyard in the silence of the trees;
  • Be sure to think about waterproofing, insulation and ventilation even in the initial stages of the construction, because the sauna is tend to create unpleasant odors if it is built incorrectly or not secured with properly care;
  • Do not start the sauna construction near the road or field;
  • South side is the most suitable for construction;
  • Think about fire safety as well as the risk of unpleasant situations;
  • If possible, start the construction at a distance from the neighboring territory. So you will be deficient from envious or condemning attitudes, and will not provoke scandals due to the busy leisure or bath fragrances;

How to avoid mistakes in the sauna construction?

It is necessary no to know how to make a sauna but also provide it perfect view in all cases.

We recommend to pay attention to the following:

  • Try to have the door in the sauna on the south side and windows – on the west or the south-west side;
  • It is desirable to do small windows and doors. The windows have some possible options while the door is desirable to have not more than 70 cm in width and not more than 180 in height. You will also need a high threshold. Of course, this creates some inconvenience, but seriously reduces heat loss;
  • Building materials must be chosen not only for aesthetic data; the preference needs to be given to lightweight materials with high energy saving capacity;
  • Regardless of the construction materials, maximum attention shall be paid to safety and quality of the equipment.

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- June 25, 2016

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