How to Remodel a Standard Shower Stall?

In recent years, more and more people prefer to use shower stalls and the fact there are a lot of reasons. First of all, this choice is due to a desire to save space and water. Another reason is the opportunity to enjoy a shower massage with powerful water jets.

Shower kits for the home can be a single mono-unit or a stall made of few separate parts. Select the first option, you can create a design in its sole discretion, and the second option is to purchase a ready box, equipped with everything necessary.

Manufactured shower stall (mono-unit)

This cabin includes a tray with drainer, transparent walls, doors, stairs. Inside it can be installed any “filling”. A minimum set for s shower stall is a single-lever mixer and hand shower. But if you want more, then pay attention to the panel with massage jets or a version with built-in nozzles.

corner of the room is the ideal place for the team shower. If you want to save the most valuable area, set the model semi-circular shape. Corner cabin characterized in that it has only two walls, and the role played by the two other walls of the bathroom itself. Choosing corner Shower trays and wall buy from one manufacturer, so you will be easier to adjust to one another.

Typically, structures installed near sewage riser. If you are not able to release this place, keep in mind: the drain pipe slope should be 1-3 cm per meter. Maybe you will have to build a podium for the cabin in order to provide the necessary value bias.

Choosing a shower stall made of separate parts

Choosing one of the main components of the shower enclosure, are guided by several parameters: outer dimensions, inner depth, shape and material of manufacture. The most common shower trays – rectangular, with a straight or beveled edge. When making a choice, do not forget about the size. Of course, the small size of the model does not take much space, but you are unlikely to feel comfortable in the cramped cockpit. Consequently, the choice of pallet size of 70×70 cm – not the best option. More appropriate would be square pallets with dimensions of 80×80 or 90×90 cm or rectangular 70×90, 70×120, 80×100, and others.

If you live in the house the elderly and / or children who may have difficulty stepping over the high side, it is very important to choose the depth of the tray. The market is a large selection, from “flat” model (0.3-0.5 cm) to high ones (18 cm).

If we talk about the production of the material, the most durable and affordable – steel trays, ceramics – are also inexpensive, and acrylic can be called the “most fashionable” shower stall.

Shower stall with enclosures

Shower enclosures are framed and frameless. In the manufacture of the carcass, which is inserted in the glass or plastic walls, generally used aluminum profile. The glass case is made of impact-resistant glass. It is more expensive than the plastic panel, but it pays the practicality and durability. In addition, the glass does not become cloudy and easily cleaned of dirt.

Very interesting and modern look is given by a frameless shower stall. Lack profile gives a sense of depth and integrity of the bathroom interior. Glass panels in home shower stalls are mounted to the walls, the pallet and to each other by means of special fastening elements. Sealing of seams is performed by using silicone.

prefabricated showers doors are hinged and sliding. The latter does not require additional space in front of the cab because they are moved when opening the inside. When closed, they keep the magnetic seals very tight.

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