How to Select a Walk-In Shower Stall?

When purchasing a walk-in shower cabin, you should pay attention primarily on its structure. Classically shower stalls can be of two types – open and closed (walk-in).

The undoubted advantage of these simple walk-in shower stalls in their affordable price, but it should be noted that the installation will take more time and effort during installation: it is necessary to ensure waterproofing the walls and the floor and pick up the high-quality materials for the floor.

It has to also make the device floor drain or sump set the value of which depends on the chosen material. In addition, it is necessary to periodically clean the porous tiled bathroom walls from plaque and residue with soapy water – especially the need to take into account “capricious” joints of ceramic tiles in shower stalls. It should be noted that the modifications of such a great number of enclosure shower stalls from a variety of forms of all kinds of valves and trays. In fact, the choice of cabins with a built-in shower panel ultimately depends on the size and shape of your bathroom.

How to choose a shower stall’s tray?

The second important criterion for choosing a shower cabin is a shower tray or directly to the cabin’s floor, which also it depends on very much. Alternatively, when an enclosure shower stall is directly on the floor in apartment buildings is rarely used. First of all, it is not very aesthetically pleasing. In shower cabins without pallet, water pours down on the floor with a drain in the sewer. Today, there are 5 types of trays for shower stalls:

  • Cast iron enameled where it already practically does not produce;
  • Metal (steel), enamel trays;
  • Porcelain (ceramic) pallets;
  • Acrylic ones;
  • Artificial marble trays.
  • The most common – metal and acrylic trays.

Metal enameled trays in walk-in shower stalls are durable and reliable but have their drawbacks: under the tap quite rattle and besides, like any enamel gradually eroded, absorbing dirt and rust.

The advantage of china trays used in regular walk-in shower stalls is in their stability, massiveness, but they, like any other pottery, can be broken.

The advantages of acrylic trays are their thermal conductivity properties: it under hot water is heated instantly. An acrylic tray does not absorb dirt over time does not darken and not covered spots. Even scratches on it will not be noticeable.

Picking up a shower stall

  1. Before buying a shower stall should be made clear whether sufficient water pressure in your home if your model provides cabin hydromassage or saunas. Check this can have a plumber who will tell you how much pressure water in the house, on your floor and at certain times of day. Most often, the cab are designed to pressure 2-3 bar. If the pressure is small, better to buy a cabin on the 1, 5 bar.
  2. If you want to put in a corner booth, where there is no drainage, it is necessary to carry out some repairs. The company will provide a scheme of works to ensure the drain and conducting wires.
  3. For the shower is better to buy a special stall’s coating. It provides water repellency, and water, without stopping, flows down the wall. Firstly, in the cab will not be too humid, and secondly, not have rinse streaks.
  4. Go into a walk-in shower stall, shifting from foot to foot, shifting to the center of gravity. If a tray creaks under your weight, deformed, vibrate, it is best to choose a different model of a shower stall.

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