Infrared Sauna Kits Advantages

Infrared saunas are a small cabin, lined with wood, in which there are infrared heaters. There are several advantages:

  • rear;
  • corner (front);
  • foot (installed under the bench).

Sauna heaters are made of special ceramics. Their location provides uniform heating sauna visitor. The temperature of the air in the sauna is low, the combustion of oxygen in the process does not occur.

These saunas have recently acquired many fitness clubs, beauty salons. But the pleasure of such a procedure can be prepared at home by installing showers with infra-red sauna.

The benefits of infrared sauna kits

Recently, the CIS more and more popular infrared saunas and displace conventional saunas and bathhouses. It may seem surprising, but Eek sauna in a relatively short period of time were not only able to gain a foothold in the market, but also began to hold leading positions. These pros include:

Warming usual saunas (sauna bath) – quite a long process, which takes about 2 hours. Warming up the infrared cabin is only 10 minutes. Therefore, adoption of the usual procedures in the sauna or bath, many cannot afford because of the shortage of time. The whole process is in the infrared sauna takes only 20-40 minutes.

Infrared sauna kits can be expensive, and you will not need a separate room (they even mounted in small apartments). To install the infrared saunas and cabins do not need additional permits and approvals, and it can be connected to a home electrical outlet.

What is a standard sauna kit?

Heat transfer in the infrared sauna is based on body heat warming rays of infrared sauna heaters that are very close to the natural heat of the human body. Infrared waves penetrate into the human body to a depth of 4 cm under very mild conditions, avoiding air heating. IR sauna temperature maintained in the range 40-600 ° C. Heat transfer in conventional saunas and baths is due to the air bulb 100-1100 ° C, which in turn heats the body to a depth of only 3-5 mm.

The composition of sweat, which is allocated when making procedures infrared sauna, contains about 80% water and 20% of various solids (fat, cholesterol, waste products, various acids, toxins and the like). If we take for comparison the traditional sauna, the sweat contains 95% water and 5% solids.

Due to the lack of heat loads in the infrared sauna treatments can take children, the elderly and people suffering from various diseases (cardiovascular ones). Unlike traditional saunas and baths, the infrared sauna can be taken daily (not recommended to go to the bath more than once a week). The procedures in the IR sauna are not only easy and convenient but are good for health. In addition, the soft atmosphere relieves tension and creates a sense of relaxation.

Regular sessions in the infrared sauna kit are an effective easy to use and do not require large financial costs means.

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- June 21, 2016

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