Pick Up A 30×30 Shower Stall

A quick shower stall with parameters 30×30 inches in the morning invigorates, and throughout the day allows you to quickly refresh and rejuvenate. Therefore, showers installed in almost every home: in small bathrooms – instead of a bath, spacious – with her.

Separate shower stall or with a tray

The modern bathrooms are increasingly “settle” shower stalls without pallets. The fashion for minimalist interiors ensures that the cabin blends with the walls and the floor of the bathroom. The bottom of the shower is lined with tiles, the best anti-skid at the center of the cabin put the drain trap. The floor must be laid with a slope to the discharge direction. This solution is also suitable for persons with disabilities.

See the step by step execution of work: how to make the floor and the sink in the bathroom with their hands

If you decide to install a pallet, it is best to buy complete shower stall 30×30. This will ensure that both elements are ideally suited to each other. Manufacturers showers make a list of pallets, which suited some models cabins produced by them.

The main parameters of a shower stall:

  • The list of materials that are manufactured today pallets may surprise. In this list, there are acrylic, enameled steel, ceramics, wood, granite and even artificial marble.
  • The most popular are acryl pans: they are relatively cheap and the range includes a variety of colors and types. They are light and warm to the touch, but they are easily scratched. Acrylic can be a special effort so that it is made of the more durable pallet, it will be slower to cool water, and the sound of running water is partially muted. By acrylic trays can be purchased ready enclosure of the same material.
  • The advantage of steel enameled pallets is their low price. They are lightweight (although not to the same extent as acryl ones), resistant to scratches and cleaning agents, but unpleasantly cold to the touch.
  • Pallets made of wood, stone or ceramic are usually much more expensive compared to steel and acryl. Perhaps for this reason, they are less popular.
  • The bottom of the pan with a view to security often do slip.
  • The form. The most widespread square trays and trays, made in the form of a quarter circle, but the range of products is much wider. In the market square, hexagonal and five trays and trays round or oval.
  • The size. He picked up in the first place, given the magnitude of the bathroom, but we should not forget about the figure of those who will use the shower. It is widely used trays size 80×80 and 90×90 cm. If the bathroom is very small, you can search for its pan with sides 70×70 cm, but in this case still does not have to talk about convenience. But in spacious, larger than 100×100 cm, shower enclosures can accommodate even two at a time.

Conventional pallet depth of a shower stall is about 15cm, but there are also manufacturers offer as a very small model, almost flat, 4-cm and such that the upper edge is at a distance of 30cm from the bottom. We must not forget that drain into a sewer of a very flat pan should be installed on the floor. It must be provided in advance; best, even at runtime subfloor.

To while taking a shower the water does not penetrate the bottom of a shower stall pan, place where the pallet is adjacent to the walls must be carefully sealed. They are usually filled with sanitary silicone.

More expensive options panel may have a greater number of heads and whirlpool operated a remote control or with a special control panel. Deck heads typically have a certain adjustment from injectors provided purification of mineral deposits, and shower panels can have a regulation of the jet pressure.

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