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An enclosed shower stall kit is nothing new. They thoroughly entered into our daily lives. Nowadays people give preference to taking a shower than a bath because the showers are made with lots of handy features and meet the needs of the most demanding consumers. So let’s look at what are the showers, and the answer to the main question in choosing what is the perfect shower stall?

Different features of different shower stalls:

Commonly a shower kit consists of a shower tray, fixed enclosed side walls, doors, top cover, and showerhead nozzles. For shower enclosures, kits are also hot boxes, steam boxes, shower panels and shower systems.

Shower stalls can be of 2 types:

  • Open shower kits are some space bathroom, fenced shower walls, and doors
  • Closed shower stalls are of a complete structural integrity, ie, having side walls, pallet, roof, sliding door, jets of pressurized water.

Doors and side walls of the shower cabins are made of tempered safety glass. It is a privilege of more expensive showers. Glass doors of enclosed closed shower stalls are easy to clean, they are easier to keep clean. Glass is transparent and frosted.

Shower with frosted glass keeps longer marketable. The budget option walls and shower doors made of polystyrene. It is cheaper, but quickly loses its original appearance, cloudy, constantly remain divorces.

What are the best materials for shower stalls?

  • acrylic;
  • enameled steel;
  • enameled cast iron;
  • faience;
  • made from artificial marble.

Acrylic trays are the classic choice. Acrylic shower stalls are lightweight, but at the same time durable material. So he preferred if the question is how to choose a shower.

It is important that the acrylic does not lose its primary color, does not absorb foreign substances, even scratches are not particularly noticeable.

Also acrylic is heated rapidly, in contrast to the metal and iron pallets. It is important to strengthen the acrylic tray at the bottom of the metal frame installation because it can bend.

Types of pallets in shower stalls:

  • Shower stalls with a deep tray
  • Shower trays in height divided into three types:
  • Profound shower kits;
  • Flat or super flat glass shower kits.

Preferably choose a shower enclosure kit with lots of doors, because in this case the shower has a solid frame.

Multifunctional showers not only support the hygiene of your body but also because of the whirlpool have a positive impact on health. So power shower not only tones but also helps to be a slim female body. Cascade shower stalls with hydro-massage feature also have a tonic effect, giving the body energy charge. The function allows aromatherapy during the shower to enjoy your favorite flavors.

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