Portable sauna steamer

Portable sauna is the perfect solution for those who can not imagine their lives without the steam room and a fully fitted sauna or bath for some reason there is no way. Portable steam sauna takes quite a bit space and can be installed almost anywhere where it is convenient, but after using it can be removed, for example, in the free angle. There are also collapsible model. In appearance resembles a mini-sauna, large barrel or box with a hole for the head. Inside there is a comfortable seat for the adoption procedures. There are some models, where you can stay lying down.

What we are talking about?

Portable sauna or bath-bag is a kind of tent, sewn from fabric retains heat well. The side walls and floor are imbued with ultra-thin thread-like heating elements – sources of infrared radiation. It works from the usual network and consume about 600 watts of power. It heats it quickly just in a 5 minute mini-sauna is ready for use. Due to the location of infrared heaters is achieved uniform heating of the entire surface of the body, which causes the high efficiency of the procedure. For example, weight reduction and removal of toxins from the body is accelerated pace. In terms of the fight against overweight portable sauna steamer is comparable with a good jogging or cycling. However, I consider it an absolute cure is not necessary – in addition to the thermal procedures for proper weight loss no less relevance is a healthy diet and physical activity.


Portable mini-sauna is lightweight and compact. According to its impact as it practically is not inferior to a conventional sauna. Moreover – in the matter of contraindications mini sauna even has a slight advantage. It consists in the fact that the mini-sauna person’s head remains outside the stall, consequently, brain and blood vessels of the head is not exposed to heat. Infrared as the main element that creates the heat used radiator heat waves, or infrared heater. The steam for the same purpose is the steam generator. And in fact, in both cases there is an intense release of toxins from the body, improve kidney function, have a beneficial effect on the spine, muscles and joints.

Sauna and health

By using  portable steam saunas you can relax, and rejuvenate. Warming cures many diseases, such as arthritis, headaches, sleep problems, rheumatism. Women like the invaluable help of sauna in the fight against excess weight; note the magnificent beauty and anti-aging effect. And it does not have to go anywhere in the salon or wellness centre. Everything is available at your home, in the usual city apartment. This contributes to the fact that portable saunas are becoming increasingly popular among the population.

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- July 23, 2016

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