Portable sauna tent

Steam bath perfectly combines long known healing properties of steam and modern scientific technology. With it, you can enjoy the convenience of this procedure. Sauna is widely used in hotels, spa-salons, homes, etc. Portable sauna tent stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, joints and internal organs, improves metabolism reduces calories, promotes weight loss – improves sleep and appetite – removes various toxins and poisons from the body – nourishes and softens the skin, it has beneficial effects on diseases such as rheumatism, neuralgia, arthritis, insomnia, backache, etc. Portable sauna will relax your skin and relax your tense muscles!

It is smart and compact

  • After use, portable steam sauna tent develops and does not take up much space.
  • Saunas feature is that it should be used in a room with a hood, for example in a bathroom, in order to avoid condensation in the room.
  • Portable mini-sauna is lightweight and compact. According to its impact as it practically is not inferior to a conventional sauna. Moreover – in the matter of contraindications mini sauna even has a slight advantage. It consists in the fact that the mini-sauna person’s head remains outside the stall, consequently, brain and blood vessels of the head is not exposed to heat.


As already mentioned, the weight of the portable sauna steam tent is quiet small. When folded, its size can be compared with an average suitcase, so it is easy to find a place in the car, and in the hands of its convenient to carry. And install such a device can be anywhere – in a residential apartment, even a small-sized, in the country or anywhere else. The shape may be different – a triangular, square, an octagon, with sharp or rounded corners. It all depends on your imagination and preferences.

Benefits for You

Thanks to the mini-sauna you can take your favourite thermal procedures whenever you want without limiting yourself in time, right at home. After switching on you must wait a little longer, for 5-10 minutes, and you can bathe. The temperature inside the mini-sauna can reach 65 degrees Celsius. Relaxing its level is set using the thermostat. Portable mini-sauna can be bought in shops, where a wide range of models, as well as online stores. It is worth it is not too expensive, and will pay off already after a few sessions. Use as you can get, is not measured by any money. You can buy such a tent in any corner of the Europe and United States.

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- July 25, 2016

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