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Many people now began to show more interest in their health and recreation. An important place in this niche is occupied saunas often people do not have time, that would enjoy this view. Always busy and finding a model location for many, it is still relevant. Set prefab sauna kits. Now Finnish saunas prefabs are most widespread.

What kind of benefits it gives?

Have your personal sauna today is becoming fashionable, convenient and practical. Technologies allow us to establish a Finnish sauna at home. It all depends on the desires and possibilities. Prefab sauna  performed quite quickly, efficiently fit into a predetermined size, have good packaging and all kinds of design. Finnish sauna prefab, how it looks and what is? This type of sauna – a separate unit. The assembly takes place on the spot, said. Size of Finnish prefab saunas ranging from the smallest – 1 m2, with up to 2 m. Further, the value selected depending on the expected number of people in the sauna. Accordingly, the size influences the price. And not only price. Price of prefab sauna formed depending from the materials of the sauna, finishing doors (glass or wood), and automation of climate.  Finnish prefab sauna is a great choice for busy people or those who live outside the city appreciate the comfort and ease.

Basic elements

  • for the car frame using the bars of wood, having a section of 60×60 mm. The ceiling and floor are the main places for mounting studs. Installation height of 2 meters is sufficient remaining space between the ceiling and cabin ceiling general often used as a mezzanine.
  • For the external cladding used linings of hardwood or softwood. It seals the multiple layers of insulation, a layer of polyethylene foil. Softwood should be treated and should not contain tar. Required tightness control of the entire structure.
  • The inside of the frame (walls and ceiling) and is sheathed clapboard with “stuffing” for thermal and damp-proofing. The best floor for prefab sauna kits is with ceramic tiles, and put on top of the tiles, wooden lattice.
  • To keep warm, the door to the cabin is better to make small sizes (70h190 cm). Usually it is made of solid wood. For security reasons, the door is recommended to insert glass or entirely made of thermo. While installing the sauna is extremely important to create good ventilation. Because of this people in the sauna get oxygen supply, regulatory regime and evaporation decreases humidity. After the session a sauna ventilated and ensured the safety of the wood material finishes.

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- July 24, 2016

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