Pros of Enclosed Glass Showers

Enclosed glass showers are of particular interest for customers, who started repairs in a bathroom. They allow you to get away from the cookie-cutter solutions for the design of the existing space and to realize all your wishes regarding the interior design.

What are advantages of enclosed glass shower stalls?

The main argument, which is in favor of glass showers, custom, is that they are not like the typical construction shower enclosures that can be found on sale. With this glass shower enclosures are able to make any bathroom a unique, luxurious and comfortable. In addition, it is made of glass showers are a vivid expression of the individuality of the owner, as the production of bespoke involves consideration of all requirements of the client.

The second argument in favor of the shower glass is a variety of forms. The use of glass for the production of cabs enables square, polygonal, round, a rectangular cabin is optimally suited for a wide variety of areas.

The third argument is saving the storage space. Custom enclosed glass showers look incredible aerial and economically through the use of glass and the use of non-transparent elements. Because of this they can be installed anywhere in the bathroom, and even in a limited space, and due to the transparency of the design room visually retains its area.

The fourth argument in favor of the shower glass is their versatility. Due to the fact that we produce showers to order, they correspond exactly to the necessary size and ideally repeat all the lines of interior elements – columns, niches, stairs, ledges.

The fifth argument can be called a variety of designed glass shower. Enclosed glass shower stalls of any kind – clear, frosted, complete with pictures, colorful ones, etc. An important argument is the fact that the shower on request, made of glass, are characterized by high maintainability. If you need to replace a cab, it can be done quickly and easily, and does not need to completely change the whole shower stall.

Forms and types of glass showers

There are glass showers available in all kinds and forms. Given the configuration of your bathroom, we are ready to perform for you out of ordinary or artistically processed glass corner shower type, wall or free-standing cabins of all sizes. In addition, we are ready to equip the doors of any kind – as the standard hinged and sliding blades, which will silently move on the rails.

And if you want your shower area looked the most modern and air, there is the manufacture of glass cabins without pallets with the installation on the floor. With regard to the shape and type of shower you can use a certain amount of glass partitions, made exactly to size, and install them with the use of special fittings in your bathroom.

Glass shower stalls are the most modern type of construction, which will make your water treatment is incredibly comfortable and convenient.

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