Pros of Marble Shower Pans

There are a lot of advantages from using marble shower pans in a bathroom. Marble is a natural stone, consisting of very fine granite chips, quartz sand and polyester unsaturated resin. All these components are mixed in liquid form is placed in a special matrix. The artificial marble which gradually hardens and takes the desired shape. For the greater strength of the final product is ground, and then top coated with paint, in which the composition also comprises polyester or epoxy resin. After this procedure, cast marble becomes not only more robust but also very smooth.

The service life of shower pans made of marble- about 50 years and with careful care bath or sink the material will last a lot longer. Cast marble is almost impossible to scratch, it can only be damaged by excessive shock. In such cases, on the surface of the marble produced small chips, but they are very easy to eliminate. It’s enough to fill the crack with a composite material, and after drying polish the surface. Who funds for the repair of artificial stone are sold in many DIY stores, so that it is possible to eliminate chipping independently, without recourse to experts. Such a face-lift cast marble can be carried out any number of times.

Cast marble shower pans: all benefits

Plumbing of cast marble is famous not only for its strength but also ease of installation. For example, the bath from this material do not need additional support or attachment, it can be placed directly on the floor. Cast marble is quite easy to transport and move, it is not as hard as it seems at first glance. Even the massive plumbing of this composite weighs no more than 80-100 kg, and the weight of the more common cast-iron bathtubs rarely below quintal.

Another advantage of the plumbing unnatural stone – the almost complete absence of germs on its surface. The fact that the artificial marble has a very dense structure without unevenness and micropores, so surface water vehicles such material does not eat into the suds residues or other debris and the formation of environment conducive to bacterial growth are excluded. Plumbing of cast marble is very easy to clean: just wipe it with a wet slug sponge or pour a stream of warm water from the shower. If the bath is made of artificial stone faded, return it shine and bright color is possible by means of conventional means for polishing cars.

And that’s not all advantages of unnatural stone. Cast marble absorbs sound, so the water flows on the surface of sanitary ware almost silently, and when they hit the edge of the tub heard a muffled knock, no vibration. The temperature of the artificial marble is always equal to the ambient temperature and after heating, it cools very slowly so that the bathroom fixtures with the always cozy and warm.

Of course, cast marble shower pans are not the cheap pleasure, but home furnishings made from this material do not serve 10-20 years, and for nearly a century, to the same plumbing and furniture made of artificial stone looks solid and fits in almost any interior.

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- August 7, 2016

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