Rebuild Your Bathroom with Shower Cabin

When planning renovated apartment, its owners are not left unattended and room bathroom. Everyone wants to have a bathroom, the interior of which at least a bit like a photo posted in the magazines devoted to the construction and repair of housing. Unfortunately, most of the housing in the country has very modest-sized bathrooms, which makes a variety of design of the premises.

To be more precise, it is possible to use the phrase – “not allowed to diversify.” Even before the sale of shower enclosures, home handyman tried to expand space in the room bathroom. Ways to do this, select different, depending on the capabilities of the layout of the apartment.

Space-saving shower cabins

The most extreme way was a rejection of the bath instead that suits drain directly into the floor and the device is fixed on the wall of the shower. In order to protect the rest of space by splashing water, shower area separated by a curtain of plastic. Vacated the area can be used to store the washing machine, the installation cabinet.

With the sale of various models of showers, they first drew attention to the owners of small apartments. Since virtually at the same time began to actively acquire automatic washing machine, there is a need to allocate space for this useful unit. In a small kitchen, where the hardly placed stove, a table, and a fridge space were not.

The only option that can be used for this purpose is to change the interior of a bathroom, replacing the usual compact for a shower cabin. For the bulk of homeowners the opportunity to get in a room space and was the impetus giving up in favor of the bath shower.

If you look at the photos in the catalogs of the companies involved in the sale of shower cabins, you can see how diverse design these kits can have. They differ in appearance, size and functionality.

The most rational option of purchase (because it is a small-sized bathroom), will acquire a compact semi-circular shower enclosure in which the interior will be more modern, but the room itself got enough space for a washing machine.

Choose a pan as a surround kit in a bathroom

The smallest size of the pallet at the showers, which determines the area it occupies space, manufacturers offer a 70 x 70 cm, but do not expect from such a device specific functionality of the shower. If there is a possibility to allocate a cabin area, the size of which is 90×90, you can get together with a cabin in the use of massage, foot massage device, sauna, programming water temperature and all sorts of “goodies.”

The depth of the shower cabin’s pan, too, is different. If there is no bathroom in the room a deep tray, available in the shower will be very useful. It can be used for shallow wash soaking linen, and some even use it for bathing small children.

Select a beautiful and convenient execution of its doors, good appearance design; it will radically change the entire interior space, turning it into a modern and stylish bathroom.

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- June 20, 2016

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