Safety And Comfort In the Bathroom With Shower Stall Mat

Manufacturers of shower stall enclosures take into account all possible risks and threats that may arise during the work of the equipment. However, each user before you start to use a walk-in shower insert, should know what security measures should be observed.

General precautions to safety use of shower stall kits:

  • You must choose a glass shower enclosure that is made of environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials, what should indicate the appropriate quality certificates;
  • Installation of shower stall kits should be made by qualified personnel, according to the instructions and safety requirements;
  • Little children should use the shower stall equipment only in the presence of adults;
  • Do not use a shower cubicle with glass doors for people intoxicated or under the influence of strong sleeping pills;
  • We do not recommend using the “steam options” for people with cardiovascular disease.

Safety measures to the use of shower stalls with mats

Before you buy be sure to check shower stalls stiffness. It must be stable, does not wobble when mechanical vibrations. The design of shower stall enclosures must stand firmly on the ground. With ceramic and composite pallets, problems should arise, but the acrylic must be checked at the frame and rigidity if necessary, to purchase additional support.

The floor of a shower stall kit must have non-slip coating or a mat. Usually, it is applied to the corrugated pattern and prevent from slipping. For more safety, a shower kit is equipped with a special handrail, which can be grasped.

Electrical safety measures in a shower stall:

A shower stall kit even with a minimal set of functions must be a safe appliance, and, therefore, during installation and operation observe the following:

  • The network to which the equipment is connected must be a residual current device (RCD) and ground;
  • Sockets must be connected correctly, and access to them must remain free;
  • All wiring must be laid experts, in accordance with the wiring diagram;
  • Do not use the shower box upon detection of equipment failure.

Most modern glass shower stalls are equipped with their own emergency stop devices which are triggered when a short circuit, voltage drop or overheating of the generator. The steam generator is switched off and heat low pressure or no water at all.

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