Sauna dimensions

In lots of modern baths on the department assigned to the steam room is not much square meters is not for themselves, but for the guests. But when you consider that there are some fire safety and sanitary rules, it becomes clear that we can not so easily be determined by the dimensions of the hottest areas in the bath and place the oven close to the shelves. So after all what is the optimal sauna dimensions and how to take into account all the nuances? This article is the answer the question huge bath and fitness complex with a swimming pool, billiards room and fitness centers in the suburbs seem to be pleasing to the eye and an accomplishment, but only whether it is necessary to do the same magnitude in Russian in its area? Or for his bath is better to allocate old garage and start to work in the smallest space, like the Chinese baths? Let’s see what all the same sauna size optimal for pleasant steam bath treatment.

What about temperature?

The width and length of steam: the entire pitfalls of the sauna – it is a high temperature. For a sauna it can reach 100C, and Russian baths most comfortable one that is closer to body temperature. And it requires a close radiant heating from the oven about 40-50 C – then turned on the so-called reflex warm person that provides maximum effect. Further, heat is transferred to the person in the sauna room is not only from the furnace, but it is the surrounding air. In this sense, dangerous proximity of metal furnaces for solid fuels – their radiant heat is small, but the air they can be heated too much, resulting in skin burns. That’s why a small iron stove, steam room can not be built in any case – it is dangerous to life, no matter what the height of the regiments in the steam room, and no matter what screen the furnace is not closed. But a large size steam room with electric oven is a senseless idea. After all, if the cost of electricity will not pay any comfort. So how do you determine the sauna sizes of the steam room, if the oven is already chosen in advance? There will a payment: the thermal radiation in the space tends to be distributed so that its intensity is always weakened inversely value equal to the square of the distance from the radiation source. This means that the rest, which will be located at a distance of three meters from the oven, exactly four times less will receive heat than if they were only a half meters from the source.

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- July 23, 2016

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