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Sauna is not only a very pleasant procedure for the body and soul. It can be a healing – you just choose the right filling her stove.  What requirements must meet the sauna rocks for sale? For a camp bath suit or even a river pebbles found near the site of a picnic cobblestones. But for stationary steam, which is used regularly, the stones must be chosen only very high quality – the best in specialized stores. Minerals are usually harvested only in certain places, and therefore have no increased radioactivity and do not emit harmful substances. For example, in any case can not take stones from the railway embankments – they are treated with creosote, which is a strong poison that can almost kill his red-hot steam under fire. And to erase the smell in anyway. So the safest way to restore the health of the bath – it acquired the stones on the boxes which is the inscription “products have passed radiation control.”  Iron stones are also popular today and they are perfectly accumulating heat.

Requirement 1

No matter what kind of sauna stones are used, they should not crack or chip. Check them for this quality setting, you can either hit with a hammer or knock on a stone on stone. A more serious test of the selected stones can be done in the bath itself: first, to heat their hot, and then abruptly quit in cold water. If the stones are really high quality, they all survive.

Requirement 2

Accumulate heat for many the answer to the question of what is best for sauna stones, lies in their ability to heat up and give off heat for a long time. The most important thing for bath stones – the ability to accumulate heat. Check them this ability may be, assessing their appearance: good stones have a high specific gravity, dense and have a uniform structure.

Requirement 3

– the correct format for each type of furnace there is a specific format of sauna stone – bath attendants those who adhere to it, the latter are long and pleasing aesthetic appearance. So, for the wood-burning stoves are more suitable for large stones, the diameter of which varies between 70-130 mm, but modern electric furnace in view of its compact size can only work with small – 50-60 mm. Universal in this respect are the salt stones for the bath – they can now be purchased in any format.

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- July 22, 2016

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