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Today the wood for a sauna is the most appropriate building material of the structure. It is known in the art attempts to replace the wood with concrete, aluminium, synthetic materials, and even variants of steel, but the result was always disappointing – receive only suffocating “gas vans”. But to choose the right tree species are not as simple as it may first seem. You have to understand which sauna wood is best, and know that the wood for it should be a set of useful features and combine them with resistance to changes in temperature and humid processes of decay.

Opinion of sauna designers

If you have a question, from what kind of wood for sauna is the best, then professionals-builders know that the best option for a bath timber are larch and Abash. Such a timber has the highest resistance to severe humidity and has an important and useful property acquire increased hardness at constant contact with moisture. The only difficulty acquisitions abash and larch is their high cost, as these tree species are the most expensive. Therefore, the average user has to be determined between the practicality and affordability. Specialists recommend to pay attention to the pine for construction of the walls, and aspen to finish inside the room. Also, do not forget that any type of wood for the bath must undergo specialized treatment.

Which wood to choose to build a better sauna?

The most popular variant of timber for construction of wooden sauna is aspen or oak. An excellent feature of these woods is that they do not have tar and odour, and they have not significantly increased the temperature in the sauna bath. Some fans prefer the steam coniferous tree species because of their pleasant smell, but they contain a hard resin, which at high temperature decompose, releasing toxic substances and carcinogens views. That is why the best wood for sauna in the steam room (interior and shelves) is basswood or aspen. But of course if you put the question bluntly, sauna made of wood is best, then, as already mentioned, the best point is Abash (Africa), that has good strength, heat resistance and low thermal capacity. The main parameters of the choice of tree species for the bath room – resistance: moisture, high temperature and wear.

We also note that there are several kinds of threats to the wood in the bath: rot, mould, fire.

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- July 13, 2016

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