Save Bathroom Space With Shower Stalls

What to buy – a bath or a shower stall? The owners of modern apartments with small bathrooms have a little choice. The fact is that shower stalls save a lot of precious meters, as well as provide additional storage. In place of the savings, a meter can be supplied, for example, a washing machine. How correctly to create an interesting interior with shower stalls in a bathroom?

Of course, all largely depends on all shower stalls completely on their size. Nowadays, the range is huge of shower stalls. They can be rectangular, square, angular ones. They can also have a tray of different heights, or at all to be without it, free-standing and built-in stalls.

The variety of space-saving shower stalls

Especially popular are fitted shower cabins, fitted with transparent glass doors. At the same time, such a sliding door can be hinged, frosted and transparent, colored and colorless, smooth or enclosed. In short, everything depends on the personal wishes and preferences of each person when it comes to buying one of enclosed shower stalls. Built-in shower stalls with no tray with transparent glass doors, perfect for decoration bathrooms small in size, as they are not the heavier interior. These showers are practically invisible.

If glass shower stalls are separate, they must go perfectly with the rest of the fixtures. Thus, they should be of the same color. If the whole bathroom plumbing is white, then you should not buy a black shower. It should not be forgotten that the interior design is supposed to be also complete.

Shower cabin with enclosure is a modern product, so it does not fit in such styles as baroque, classical, Art Deco. The interior of the bathroom is better to issue in modern ways. This can be a high-tech, minimalism, functionalism, etc. With the help of various accessories in the interior shower stalls can cause notes of ethnic styles.

Fitting a small shower stall into a small bathroom

If your bathroom is small, you can arrange it in a bright color. Well, it will look white in the interior. On the one hand, it increases the visual space, and on the other hand it blends with other colors. If squaring large bathroom, you can give preference to any other color, the brightest shade.

For floor tiles should choose a little rough. Because of this it will not be too slippery. To the bathroom a bit visually enlarge, you can put tile on the diagonal contrast colors. This will make two things: make eye over the room, as well as add an interior rhythm.

Beautiful shower stalls with highlight colors is a very interesting design. If it is built, the transparent door within shower stalls, the wall of cabins can be arranged with the help of colorful tiles that will create the necessary emphasis. There is another interesting option – a combination of mid-size tiles with mosaic inset. As a result, the interior design bathrooms get interesting and dynamic.

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- June 13, 2016

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