Save Space In a Bathroom With Shower Stalls

What to install? A high-grade compact bathroom or shower stall? This will be the most important issue, as you fall choice than to neglect: personal comfort or space in a bathroom?

Why pick up shower stall enclosures?

Naturally, shower inserts kits reduce the space occupied in a bathroom and the remaining space can be used for mounting of, for example, washing machines, bidets, sinks or toilet. But do not forget that the modern pace of life does not allow a good sleep and a relaxing bath cannot replace a usual sliding shower stall from this point view. But there are also glass shower cubicles with frameless doors that have the options of sauna for rejuvenation of your body and soul.

Also, if in a house live older people, a shower stall enclosure would be a good option. For our grandparents due to age it is difficult to raise your legs to get into the bathroom with the high side. Of course, to put the bench, but it can only help with the input.

But shower stalls can save space and help take care of the people dear to you. Every year manufacturers of sliding frameless showers cubicles improve your product, so modern cabins are equipped with a durable glass, sharp corners (which greatly reduces the chances to get hurt), and the tray has a special surface which reduces the chances of slipping.

Functionality of frameless shower stalls now impresses with its diversity:

  • meditative music;
  • phone;
  • radio;
  • effect of the sauna;
  • hydromassage;
  • various modes of water supply.

Do not forget that the price of glass shower enclosures consist of its technical parameters, the brand and the country of manufacture. Agree that the price of the cab from the United States will be significantly different from the Chinese shower stall kits.

Choooing a shower stall kit

Shower cubicles can be framed and frameless. Prefab shower cubicles and stalls are made of plastic or glass, which are attached to a steel or aluminum frame. Frameless shower stalls are usually made only from tempered glass.

In addition to them manufacturers produce special sliding door with water-repellent coating with shower inserts kits. Despite the fact that polystyrene with a shower stall is cheaper, this option is not justified, since the plastic quickly begins to thicken and it may appear indelible stains.

If the room in which will be installed shower allows zoned space, it is best to choose a beautiful shower stall enclosure with sliding frameless doors of unusual tinted glass blue, green, bronze or gray color. Glass shower stalls even with the time do not change an original color and appearance. They can be washed, they are not scratched. A special production’s technology and special coating gives this material is almost unique properties: they are very easy to remove any dirt and fingerprints on them simply do not remain. Lacquered glass surface is absolutely safe to use and very practical.

Also, glass shower enclosures are made from colored glass with the matte effect. There are other exclusive and certainly more expensive glass shower kits with serigraphy, decorative coating and vacuum deposition.

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