Selecting a Shower Base Mat

Furnished our bathroom, and take care of the important details such as a rug. Coming out of the bath, it is much nicer to stand on its soft surface than on cold and wet tiles. It is better if it is non-slip bath mat, providing not only comfort but also total security. You can confidently stand on a mat, without fear that it will slide out from under your feet.

Use a rubber mat to stay safe in a shower base

As an anti-slip mats can be used rubber products and it has a number of additional advantages:

  • for a long time retain its original shape;
  • resistant to stains from dirt;
  • antibacterial properties, because they contain special additives;
  • dries quickly enough.

In addition, a rubber mat for a shower base is electrically insulating. This means that the use of a hairdryer, electric shavers and other appliances in a bathroom is getting to you as safe as possible.

Multi-colored rubber mats with anti-slip effect can be spread on the floor, on the bottom of the tub or shower stall pan.

Rubber mats are not only safe but also functional. There are plenty of varieties, differing in purpose and design. Some of them are placed on the shower tray, the other in the bath, the third on the bathroom floor. To enhance the effect of the anti-slip surface on the underside can be special suction cups to ensure good contact with the surface. Along with polyurethane products, there is popular massage and vibration. There are also mats, designed for children.

How a rub mat can help your kid in a shower cabin?

The ideal product of increased security for kids is a high-quality rub mat with double-sided anti-slip effect. On the underside of the surface must be the sucker, and on the outer side of the notch and the convexity of protecting against slipping. Thus, you can help protect your baby from falling restless and bruises. Kids’ rugs should be not only convenient and reliable but also fun, bright, uplifting. Your child will enjoy products with images of fantastic characters, in the form of fish, seashells, turtles, etc.

It is worth noting: in order to reduce the effect of the slip to a minimum, the rubber mat in the tub is fixed before it is poured water.

Among the most original products for children should be noted mats, changing color, with a built-VVM. They are of two types:

  • The first change color when the temperature rises above 37 degrees, designed for bathing of young children;
  • Appointment of the second is to bring joy and pleasure to the baby while bathing.

The important thing to mention: a rub mat with VVM system must be laid on a dry clean surface bottom of the vessel, in order to avoid slipping.

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