Shower pans: how to make a right choice?

The man who is thinking about buying the shower for the first time can be really hard to find the good option. Many different models equipped with a variety of functions and producers can easily be confusing. To make the right choice you must first understand the components of the shower. There are pan, walls and doors.

Pan is the very important element because it is the foundation of the shower. It determinates the quality and functionality.

Types of pans

All shower pans can be divided into three categories: deep (height 25-35 cm), flat (height 10-18 cm) and extra flat (height of 6-10 cm).

The material for pans is the same as for baths. It can steel, cast iron, ceramic and acrylic. Accordingly, there are 4 types of pallets:

 Cast iron pans

It’s the type that almost gets out of use now. However in many bathrooms this variant still in use. That’s why we look at the properties of these pans.

Enameled cast iron is very durable and pleasant to the touch and it’s easy to care him. Thanks to non-slip surface using of it is absolutely safe.

But it also has disadvantages. Cast iron – very heavy and has poor thermal conductivity.

 Steel pans

Steel pans differ durability and reliability but they too rattle under running water. Help reduce noise rubber pads mounted on the bottom of the pallet. Another option to reduce the noise is to use polyurethane foam on the bottom.

One more disadvantage is the tendency to corrosion. Enamel, if it’s of poor quality, easily absorbs dirt and rust. Pretty soon material starts to corrode and break away.  It should be noted that the steel pans usually mounted on a frame with adjustable legs.

 Ceramic (earthenware) pans

This type characterized by steady and healthy. It’s so beautiful and could be perfectly combined with the other earthenware bathroom elements. However ceramic pans warmed much longer than the others and can be easily broken like any faience.

The frame with adjustable legs is not provided that cases so installing these pans need to be on a perfectly flat surface.

 Acrylic pans

Recently, acrylic pans are especially popular. There are several reasons. Firstly, they have a non-slip surface and always warm to the touch. Step onto a pallet is much pleasurably than the cold ceramic or metal. Secondly, acrylic pans have no enamel. Because of this they will not absorb dirt so over time this pan will be not darkened, and covered with spots. Also, acrylic pans haven’t any scratches, because the color is full thickness (generally 4-5 mm).

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