Shower Stall Inserts Magically Transform Bathroom

The bathroom is the only area in a house, on the right belongs to all its inhabitants. After all, it’s nice after a long hard day, to take a hot relaxing bath, or start the morning, bracing dip in shower stall inserts. And in our time in front of the majority of consumers there comes the question: what to prefer – a familiar and comfortable bath or choose trendy and practical shower stall cubicles.

What shower stalls to buy?

Buying plastic (not glass) shower stall is the best to choose a color or matt. What are advantages of shower stall inserts:

  1. Space saving in a bathroom

Shower stall insert is ideal for small bathrooms. Booth takes two and a half times less space than a bath.

When selecting the stall should take into account not only the size of the bathroom, but your dimensions. Before you buy is worth trying, how much space you do when you take a shower, and accordingly choose among shower stalls with enclosure (preferably with a margin of at least a few centimeters). It’s worth noting that while washing a person does not stand still, it must be able to turn, raise their hands.

  1. Safety of shower cubicles

The high-quality bathroom stall contains all the possible traumatic situations that may arise in the process of washing. The basic material from which made shower stall is a special material made of harmless to health plastic.

Doors of the shower stall are made of “hardened” glass. This door is very strong is not less than a car windshield. And even if a door is broken, cut yourself on it quite difficult: the surface of the fragments would be smooth. In addition, the glass thickness of 6 mm provides good sound insulation. Usually a choice of several types of glass doors: transparent, frosted or tinted ones.

Adjustable feet provide stability even on the inclined floor of a shower cabin enclosure.

  1. A variety of functions in shower stalls

Shower stall insert kits  and inserts can perform several useful functions. A modern model can be equipped with a radio that works so that it absolutely does not interrupt the noise and splash of water.

There is also frameless shower inserts working as baths. They are equipped with a roof to keep the couple. The system works on the principle of the Turkish bath: with almost 100% humidity in a steam shower cabin is heated to 45 ° C. The steam generator through a shower nozzle emits steam, whose temperature can be adjusted. To warm up after a cold shower in a sealed shower cubicle get much better than in the bath.

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- June 4, 2016

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